Is It Alright to Slap Your Wife?

Is It Alright to Slap Your Wife?Well, this question may raise the eyebrows of many people. However, my article is not about the standard and legal rights of a physically abused woman. It is about the mental and emotional effects of hitting your wife. There might be many types of abuse, but I am focusing on the most basic and subtle form of physical abuse. The first color of spouse domination is a plain physical abuse.

We are in a land of religion that vouches a man, the “right to dominate”. Our very childhood allowed us to make this a tool to control your wife. Often, an abusive husband is the one who was actually abused by his parents or siblings in his childhood. Thus, accepts physical abuse as a part of one’s love, which is a grave mistake. Stop this cycle and stop hitting your children at any stage of their life.

Does your husband have an unpredicted short temper which at some point ends in slapping you? Read on to know how to help yourself. A woman who is a darling of her parents, her family, and her friends, throughout her life leave anything after getting married. In this case, husband has a liability of making his wife feel loved, respected, happy and comfortable at every stage. He will never have a right to hit or physically abuse you at any stage of relationship. Even if he loves you very much, slightest physical abuse can ruin your relationship forever. You will eventually become emotionally dead, insensitive and unsociable to him. Understand that no one deserves to be physically abused at any level by anyone and it is not you who is responsible for his behavior. Try to help him by telling him how much it hurts, if it continues, leave him for your own good. No one deserves to be in an abusive relationship. You will eventually find someone who will love you the way you are, and respect you for being just you.

Do you really love your wife? Do you wish you hadn’t hit her? Then learn how to control your anger and repair your relationship. Often, a man blames his wife for the scenario. There is no one to blame except you even if she is the one who incited such anger in you. You have other ways of expressing it, but not slapping her. Take little steps towards managing your anger. Hitting someone is a form of expressing anger. Learn to express your anger in other ways. You can count numbers or hit the Gym or enroll in an anger control program. Think of your wife as a sweet innocent girl she used to be when she first dated you or met you. Why did she change? Well, the answer is inside your heart. It is your gradual abuse and behavior that numbed her feelings towards you. You might have given her so much of love, but that doesn’t change the fact that you slapped her. You have to make her start loving you and trusting you again. She has to once again feel safe around you. She should not loathe you or be afraid of you. Don’t try to control and dominate her, accept the way she is. She might not respond instantly, but she will slowly be back to the same girl you fell in love with. It might take few months; it might even take few years. Well, it depends on the number of times you hit her and hurt her deeply.

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