Crazy Ways to Send Mail

Crazy Ways to Send MailSend a Wooden Postcard
For a friend’s fifth wedding anniversary, why not send a wooden postcard?
Send a wooden message for someone who has just bought a new house.
Wood mail can be sent for a variety of occasions to say, “you mean more to me than paper!”
If you have any artistic ability, you can carve a small picture or design right on the front. Save your money and cut your own wood card out of old unused furniture. Just make sure it can’t give your friend (or the postman) splinters.The World’s Smallest Mail
This will either delight or annoy your friends. Send fairy mail. Teeny tiny little letters in honor o…
A new baby
A little girl’s birthday
A little hello
Congratulations from the tooth fairy
A company called Leafcutter Designs will help you, so you don’t have to inscribe the world’s smallest message on a piece of scrap paper. If you want to attempt it yourself, go for it!
Things you can purchase from Leafcutter’s…
Do it yourself miniature mail postal kit
Miniature packages
Matchbox theater
Puzzle cards
Recipe diceCandy
Candy is a part of every American holiday, so pick out a colorful box of candy, stick an address label on and that is that! Kids will love getting a box of Junior Mints, Skittles, M&M’s, or Mike N Ike’s. Make sure you grab the candy that is in a box, not a bag- to minimize the possibility of ripping.
For Easter, send a giant plastic egg filled with candy and affix the postage and label all along the cracks of the egg to prevent spilling.
Send candies filled in a plastic bottle.

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