Gay Christmas

Gay christmasGay Christmas Arrangements
Starting with the decorations: a gay Christmas is the perfect time to arrange complex displays; with endless reams of tinsel and brightly coloured streamers. I know, you like glam all year round, but push the boat out now you have a good excuse!  It’s said a pair of gay men can decorate anything, so get going!
There is an endless amount available in every colour scheme. There are also the lovely garlands and wreaths, all of which can be jazzed up with flashing or twinkling lights. Of course these are also available in a variety of colours – the more the better; have a multitude of lights to rival Times Square.
And never forget the holly and the mistletoe, perfect for getting random people and making their day (or at least yours!) and also sneaking a moment with your hunky loved one.
Gay Christmas Trees
Of course, the focal point of every gay Christmas display is the tree. Whether it is real or artificial, there are a large variety accessible to suit every taste. For those who have neither the time nor the tendency to be forever setting the Henry on those blasted needles, artificial may be the best choice for you! These are offered in every size and style.There are also almost very colour of the rainbow to chose from (including rainbow Christmas trees for those of you into Pride), from boring natural green to white, red, blue, black and of course pink! Draped with sufficient lights to confuse any passing airline and plenty of tinsel and baubles, this will be sure to improve any dark December day and night.
Do not forget the fairy for the top of the tree and please, do try to refrain from climbing up there yourself! Trust me Darling it won’t hold your weight and you’ll do yourself no end of mischief.  Your moment will come.
Why not make an occasion of switching on the Christmas lights, by attractive a local, almost once effective, cute ex-boy band member to do the honours!
Christmas Dinner
The main event of any Christmas is the dinner. You can always go the whole hog and have a hog – roasted of course. Or simply cook a turkey the size of Divine; along with the trimmings. This will, of course, be hell on those recently managed nails, so why not cheat and get in some ready made Christmas Platters?
Lets face it, as long as the table looks as good as you do, the food is never going to be the centre of attention. There must also be crackers, but not those cheap ones with plastic presents. It is best to select the ones with useful gifts and, of course, never forget that a good bang is always most welcome at any gay Christmas!
The buying of Gay Christmas provides is a incredibly essential task. The present must really reflect how you think of the recipient. Do not buy the latest David Beckham Calendar for your loved one, or he may start evaluating! The same goes for buying anyone, other that probably someone over 50, a Foot Spa, no matter how good a purchase it seems at the time! Of course, the latest Kylie CD or anything Clinique is always appropriate in all circles.

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