Earn Money from YouTube

Earn Money from YouTube Is earning from YouTube possible?


Earning money from YouTube is a rising trend. Earlier it was quite difficult due many reasons. Mainly people didn’t know what to do on YouTube other than watch music videos and trailers. Also your web connection has to be pretty strong to upload long, high quality videos. This is a luxurious people got to enjoy in the recent past. Also nobody really knew the earning potential until YouTube had it’s advancement as the number one video sharing network on the internet.

So after all these obstacles, people are now really searching in to the possibility of making a living out of YouTube videos. And there are many who do it efficiently.

How YouTube earnings work…

YouTube itself isn’t accountable for paying you money for the videos. In fact, Google Adsense is the affiliating companies that will pay for the ‘views’ you get on your YouTube videos. So as you may have guessed you will need an Adsense account as well. But don’t worry, it’s easy.

Adsense will display ads on and besides your YouTube videos. When these videos get views, ads will be instantly viewed, even though you don’t click them. These are called opinions. So basically you will earn for the opinions your adverts will get.

YouTube making prospective

There are huge earnings potential from YouTube. Some people make a living out of YouTube videos alone.

As I mentioned above, AdSense is the paying agent for YouTube views. If you are even a little familiar with Adsense you would know that different amounts and geographies of traffic earn different rates. Generally views from different nations will earn you different rates. So an exact measure of an earnings amount cannot be predicted, but based on the experience of many users the rate varies between a rough $0.9 – $1.5 per 1000 views.Earn Money from YouTube

Some tips for YouTube success

•  Create videos often (twice/thrice a week)

•  Create exciting, funny, informational, inspirational videos

•  Encourage viewers to like, comment, share and subscribe!!!

•  Create quite lengthy videos (between 4 minutes to 10 minutes) for individual videos. For documentaries or commentaries it could be longer.

•  Always upload high quality videos. This is the era of HD so provide 720p or 1080p videos

•  Create interesting titles (DO NOT mislead)

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