BlackBerry phones in 2014

BlackBerry phones in 2014BlackBerry 9700

The BlackBerry ‘Bold 9700′ is a sleeker version of its forerunner. The previous BB was wider and chunkier. The ‘Bold 9700′ is sleeker sexier device, but it maintains the same efficiency. The phone is also lighter than the past version. Another major change is the inclusion of a track pad, instead of the trackball. The track pad is very sensitive and easy to use. Its pain can even be modified, to suit personal needs. The keyboard is not as spacious as the earlier versions, a side effect of making the phone more compact. The raised edges of personal keys assist in typing.

The new OS of the phone brings innovations to various features. The browsing is also improved by enabling JavaScript and CSS processing. Also the real time streaming method now allows for watching videos online. The overall effect is smoother and faster function.

Blackberry 8520BlackBerry phones in 2014

This is a ‘lighter’ version of the more high flying BlackBerry phones. The screen has a resolution of 320×240 pixel which results in images with some pixilation. This phone also lacks GPS and 3G support. However these exceptions pale in comparison to its solid features on core features.

The design of the phone is a perfect blend of features and aesthetics. The phone’s menus are also easy to navigate thanks to the track pad. The keyboard ease of use is made possible through individual key design. Emails are the main form of relationship. The phone also has the standard edition for Dative‚Äôs ‘Documents to go’ suite. This enables the user to edit records. The phone also comes with a variety of instant messaging clients.

BlackBerry phones in 2014BlackBerry Curve 8900

This phone is the ‘thinnest’, but not the smallest BlackBerry yet. It is also the least heavy which make the handling a lot easier. If you have large fingers and find the other blackberries hard to use, this is the one for you.

The phone has a smaller screen size due to the design. The resolution of the screen and clarity of image on display renders the size issue unrelated.

The ‘Javelined’ is an EDGE/Wi-Fi device which, means that it does not have 3G support. The 3G technology allows for email connection, while mobile network is in use. However while using Wi-Fi, the phone and emails can be worked on concurrently as well.

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