Relationships Need a Lot of Perform

Relationships need a lot of perform. The reason is real simple. To have anything beneficial you must be willing to work hard for it.

To have a round life you and I need to have plenty of relationships. These form the basis for having a place to go to share good times with and to have help during those hard times. A good friend, spouse, sibling or parent who is also a friend can be the best asset we acquire in life.

Relationships Need a Lot of Perform Here are some connections that require a lot of work to enjoy success;

1) Parents to their children - It is so easy to fall into the habit of being a distant parent. Many times we get so busy working to live that we forget we must work on living a life that matters. Mom and dad must take time to find out what is going on with their children and spend time with them in their world.

I love going to movies and from an early age would take my sons with me to see the action flicks (minus all the sex scenes) I could find. We both liked martial arts movies along with action. During those times we got snacks, hot dogs and had a great time. Looking back I am glad I made the choice to include them in my actions.

2) Children to their parents - We must work to relate to our parents as they get older. Nothing hurts more than to have a grown child doing their thing and not being able to hear from them for months. I know it will make a parents day to hear the voice of their children on a regular basis.Relationships Need a Lot of Perform

3) Husbands to their wives - Wives need husbands who know how to listen. Many men think wives talk too much; women tend to think men hear too little. My wife wants me to look her in the face as she talks to me. Keeps me focused.

4) Wives to their husbands - Husbands need a wife who is interested in the things he enjoys. I recall the first time my wife sat down to watch a basketball game with me. She didn’t know anything about the game but obtained the rules. In time we would watch the playoffs and finals together. I loved those times!

5) Friends who are the same sex we are - Men and women need people of their same gender to connect with. Nobody knows you better than someone who knows what it are to be you.

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