Mathematical puzzles to solve

puzzles121.  The ‘Mixed Double’Four married couples played a tennis tournament of ‘mixed doubles’. A man and a woman always played against a man and a woman. However, no person ever played with or against any other person more than once. They all played together in two courts on three successive days.Can you show how they could have done it?


122. The Bargain

Sometimes one is mystified at the startling reductions some people make in their prices and wonders on what principle the reductions are based. To quote an example three years ago a friend offered me a used typewriter for Rs.1024. A year later he offered me the same for Rs.640 and last year he wanted Rs.400 and now he is willing to sell it to me for Rs.250. But I have decided to buy it when he reduces next time.

If he does a consistent reduction, at what price ill he offer the typewriter to me next?


123.  At the Fair

At the fair I bought 6 pineapples and two jackfruits for Rs.15. If I could have bought 4 more pineapples for Rs.14 than jackfruits for Rs.9. what would be the price of each?


124.  Section of a Necklace

I have five section of a necklace   each section consisting of four links. I took the section to a goldsmith and asked him to give me an estimate to join the 5 sections into a one piece necklace. The goldsmith wanted Re.1 to cut open a link and Re.1 to solder it together again.

What is the cheapest method and how much should it cost me to get the five pieces joined together into one full necklace?


125.  The Problem of Square Boards

I have three square boards, the surface of the first containing five square feet more than the second , and the second containing five square feet more than the third.

Can you find the exact measurement for the sides of the boards?


126.       Age of Demochares

This is an ancient problem dating back to about 310 A.D.

Demochares had lived one-fourth of his life as a boy, one fifth as a youth, one-third as a man, and has spent thirteen years inhis dotage. How old is demochares?


127.   The Age Old Problem

The combined ages of Reena and Seena are 44 years and Reena is twice as old as Seena was when Reena was half as old as Seena will be when Seena is three times as old as Reena was when Reena was three times as old as Seena.

How old is Reena?


128.   The Painted Cube

A cubic object 3” * 3” * 3” is painted blue on all the outside surface, including the top and bottom. If the cube is cut into 27 cubed of 1” * 1” * 1” , how many 1” cubes do have any painted surfaces?


129.      Smoking Not Prohibited

A standard-sized cigarette can be rolled out of 6 standard-sized cigarette butts. How many cigarettes can be made and smoked from 36 butts?


130.   Mathematical Taxi Driver

Some times small town taxi drivers can be very rude. One taxi driver I had the occasion to travel with was particularly lacking in courtesy, and so I asked for his number.

The driver gave me a sardonical smile and said, well, If  you divide my number by 2,3,4,5or 6 you will find there is always 1 remaining. But if you divide it by 1 there is no remainder. Do you want to know something more? There is no other cabby in this town with a lower number than   who can say the same, and he drove off, while I stood there completely baffled.

What was the man’s number?


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