Solve brain teasing puzzles

131.  The Tennis TournamentA singles tennis tournament is held in which 30 men participate. If a player is eliminated as soon as he loses a match, how many matches are required to determine the winner? 

132.  Dividing the Load Equally

On my return of India, after an extensive tour of America, I waited for the two crates I had sent by ship as unaccompanied baggage.

When they finally arrived, I had them cleared through the customs and engaged three labourers to carry them to my home 3 miles distant. I was going to pay them Rs.8 each for this task.

As I was going to pay each of them equal amounts, they decided to carry a crate each equal distance.

How did they manage to do it?


133. Longfellow and His Bees

Here is a sample arithmetical puzzle set by Longfellow in his own flowery, poetical language.

If one-fifth of a hive of bees flew to the badamba flower, one-third flew to the slandbara, three times the difference of these two numbers flew to an arbour, and one bee continued to fly about, attracted on each side by the fragrant Ketaki and Malati, what was the total number of bees?


134.   Mr. Portchester’s Problem

Last time I was Mr. Portchester in London he was facing a serious problem pouring his wine from one vessel to the other.

Mr. Portchester had two ten quart containers full of wine. He also had a five quart an a four quart measure.

All he wanted to do was put exactly three quarts into each of the two measures. He was standing there wondering how he should do it!

Now I offered to help and gave him some suggestions.

Can you find out what was my suggestion, and how many manipulations to pouring from one vessel to the other did he require, without waste of any wine tilting or other tricks.


135.   Driving Through the Country

I decided to drive through the country leisurely, and on the first day I did only 7 miles. On the last day I did 51 miles, increasing my journey 4 miles each day.

How many days did I travel and how far?


138.   The Sabbath Day

Christians hold the first day of the weak as Sabbath, the Jews the seventh, and the Turks the sixth.

How can these three, have their own true Sabbath on the same day?


139.  The Puzzled Artist

An artist wanted to paint a picture on a canvas which would allow for a margin of 4 inches on top and bottom and two inches on each side. He wanted the picture itself to occupy 72 square inches.

What would be the smallest dimensions, the canvas he going to obtain, should possess?


140.  The Mystery of Number Eleven

Can you find the largest possible number containing any 9 of the 10 digits, considering 0 also as a number that is divisible by 11, without a remainder?


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