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141.)   The Rose Garden
In my bungalow in Bangalore I have a beautiful rose garden.The four sides of the garden are known to be 20, 16, 12 and 12 rods. And it is also known that it has the greatest possible area for those sides.Can you find the area?


143.)   The Farmer and the Animals

Farmer Thimmayya bought some mules at Rs.50 each, sheep at Rs.40 each goats at Rs.25 each, and pigs at Rs.10 each. The average price of the animals per head worked to Rs.30.How many animals of each kind did he buy?


144.       The House Where She Lives

It was at a cocktail party in New York that I met Stephanie. We exchanged our phone numbers and decided to meet each other soon.When she rang up and invited me to her house this is how she gave me the number of her house:‘I live n a long street. Numbered on the side of my house are the houses one, two, three and so on. All the numbers on one side of my house add up to exactly the same as all the numbers on the other side of my house. I know there are more then fifty houses on that side of the street, but not so many as five hundred’.Can you find Stephanie’s house number?


145.)    The Mango Thieves

One night three naught boys stole a basketful of mangoes from a garden, hid the loot and went to sleep Before retiring they did some quick counting and found that the fruits were less than a hundred in number.During the night one boy awoke, counted the mangoes and found that he could divide the mangoes into three equal parts if he first took one for himself. He then took one mango, ate it up, took 1/3 of the rest, hid them separately and went back to sleep.Shortly thereafter another boy awoke, counted the mangoes and he again found that if he took one for himself the loot could be divided into three equal parts. He ate up one mango, bagged 1/3 of the remainder, hid them separately and went back to sleep. The third boy also awoke after some time, did the same and went back to sleep.In the morning when they all woke up, and counted their mangoes, they found that the remaining mangoes again totaled I more than could be divided into three equal parts.How many mangoes did the boys steal?


146.)  A Matter of Rupees and paise

I have a money pouch containing Rs.700. There are equal number of 25 paise coins, 50 paise coins and one rupee coins.How many of each are there?


147.)    Sawing the Cube

We have a wooden cube of 3” on a side and we have a buzz-saw. The cube can be cut into 27 one inch cubes by the buzz-saw. Only 6 cuts of saw are necessary to do this, while keeping the pieces together. Now, can you reduce the number of cuts by rearranging the pieces after each cut? If you can, how is it done? If you can’t, why can’t it be done?


148.)  The Two Trains

Two trains at the same time, one for Bangalore to Mysore and the other from Mysore to Bangalore. If they arrive at their destination one hour and four hours respectively after passing one another, how much faster is one train running than the other?


149.)  The Squares

Can you find four numbers such that the sum of every two and the sum of all four may be perfect squares?

150.)  The Arithmetical Landlady

While house hunting in London, I came across a very good leasehold property. Discussing the lease the landlady told me:The property was originally on a 99 years lease and two-thirds of the time passed is equal to four-fifths of the time to come. Now work it out for yourself and see how many years are there to go!


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