New Year Resolutions for Couples

It is that time of the year when you are raring to leave the past and make a fresh new start. As folks, you might have certain hopes and goals for the coming year. But as couples, if you decide to make some resolutions, it will just add more spark to your growing relationship. Here are some relationship resolutions that every newlywed should make for a happy 2014.

New Year Resolutions for CouplesHug and kiss more often

Promise yourself, that in 2014, you will cuddle, hug and kiss each other more often. Life can be boring and tedious, if you don’t make an effort to spice it up. Being passionate is something that most couples take for granted and end-up ignoring it. Kiss your husband before you leave for work, cuddle after a tiring day in office and hug each other every time you feel like. You will realize that soon you will be doing things automatically and you will be happier than ever before.


Schedule date nightsNew Year Resolutions for Couples

Balancing your career and family life often takes away the romance from your marriage. Couples tend to lose that special spark when they are too tired to go out and have some fun. Decide to routine two date nights every month. You may feel tired, or have a headache after work, or some other reason might come up, but don’t let that come in the way of your date. Go out, watch a movie, eat out, go for a long drive and return home with a big smile on your face.


New Year Resolutions for CouplesPlan for the future

Why not make a solution this New Year to sit and talk about your financial planning? Your savings, investments, allocated budgets etc. are some things where in most cases one of the partners simply takes the decision when required. Why not decide to sit and discuss these things together? Not only will it rule out doubt, but also bring you both closer. It will also help you save money to plan something together.


Enhance more than criticizeNew Year Resolutions for Couples

Familiarity often breeds contempt, and this is especially true for newly married couples. You need to understand that both you and your partner have certain advantages and negatives. Instead of harping on the bad points, decide this year that you will compliment and enjoy each other more. Focus on beneficial critique or make requests. This will make your partner feel positive, happy and inspired to make a similar effort as well.


New Year Resolutions for CouplesSpend time with family

It is easy to forget your family and involve yourself in work and your marriage. But, you must realize that your parents need your love and care too. Make a promise that you will make more projects to spend time with both your homes. Take them out for a mini holiday or maybe just a lunch on Sundays. Talk to them more often, give a call, and just make them feel loved.

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