Mistakes Women Make When Men Cheat

Mistakes Women Make When Men Cheat #1 — The Investigation

When women suspect their man is cheating, the first mistake they make is launching a fact finding mission. Spying, calling around, questioning their partners, women invest their energy in a mindless hunt to prove what is already obvious: the relationship is seriously broken.

You don’t need proof that your man is cheating to know that anything isn’t working between the two of you. Whether he’s actually cheating or you’re just considerably paranoid, evidence isn’t required to know something has to change. Driving yourself mad trying to catch him in the act of cheating won’t deliver the peace of mind you are looking for. It will only make you look and feel crazy.

#2 — Blaming the Other WomanMistakes Women Make When Men Cheat

Yeah, she’s got to be pure evil to steal another woman’s man, but that’s really not the point. She’s not the one who committed to you, who promised to be true to you, and then cheated on you. Even more considerably, if it wasn’t her it would be someone else.

People cheat because they are cheaters. When a man cheats it’s not because he was suddenly seduced by another woman’s wicked charms. It’s not because she offered something you didn’t. It’s not because she’s better than you. Cheaters cheat. They don’t need attraction to have an affair.

Let go of your anger towards the other woman. It’s ill informed. Focus instead on the fact that the partner you were in a relationship with violated his dedication to monogamy. If it wasn’t her, he’d have found someone else. Even if she

Mistakes Women Make When Men Cheat #3 — Altering to Keep Him

First of all, if your man is cheating, the last thing you want is to keep him around. Cheating is a pattern of behavior that won’t stop no matter how many assures he makes or how many changes you make to keep his attention. If he has cheated on you, it’s time to move on. Cheaters cheat… and cheat… and cheat.

Second, you didn’t drive him to cheat. If your man is cheating, it’s not a look of your worth, but a signal that he is incapable of handling the liability of keeping a partnership. He is lacking mature adult coping skills. The problem is his, NOT YOURS.

Because you didn’t cause your man to cheat, you can’t stop it either. There is nothing you can change in yourself to make a cheater be loyal. Stop thinking that if you were thinner, prettier, wilder in bed, or more interesting he would be faithful. If your man is unfaithful, he’s not thinking about you one way or another.

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