Can A Friend Become A Girlfriend?

Can A Friend Become A Girlfriend?When there’s a friend in your life who’s so special, so important, you often look at risking everything to become more. You don’t want the relationship line to be drawn as friends; you want your friend to become a girlfriend. It’s a tortuous and mentally draining situation because the effects will likely remove all traces of what you want most.

Are You A Match?

People become friends because of common interests, a similar sense of comedy or familiar upbringing. With all these elements already established it becomes easy to envision the relationship becoming more. Many convince themselves the friendship is a natural bridge to a relationship but it’s much more complicated than many want to believe. The reasons why people remain friends and the reason people remain in a committed relationship have common factors but are not similar. People remain in a relationship because of a bonded friendship with the addition of physical and emotional parts.

While you know the friendship is in place there is definitely no way to know if the physical or emotional attachment can persist over a long period of time. The most appealing people in the world have ended relationships because their physical and emotional bond was not a good enough match.

You won’t know until you know.


The effects of nearing a friend to begin dating are severe if it does not work out. It’s an all or nothing idea. Not only will you not have the relationship you desire, your friendship will become strained with a very strong probability of ending. Once your interest in becoming more than friends is out in the open it can result in an instant uneasy and difficult relationship if the desire is not mutual. The friendship you have now will be forever changed. It does not assurance the end, but it will never be exactly the same for either of you.

Is it Worth the Risk?

With the stakes so extremely high and the chances of success against you why do so many choose to risk a friendship they cherish? People risk everything because they’re in love. And when you’re in love you need to know the answer, even if costs you what you want most. If your attempt to extend the relationship beyond friends is not efficient your friendship will instantly become damaged but does not instantly end. You can rebuild the friendship in time with the knowing and your recognized approval that it will only be as friends. If you both agree to try to become more than friends and the relationship does not succeed the likelihood of staying friends is low. It’s no various from other relationships you’ve had in the past. Once you become intimate and bond on a deep emotional level it becomes hard to scale down the attachment and remain friends.

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