Phones and Dating – How It Will work

Phones and Dating – How It Will workAre you one of those women who panic when she has to pick up the phone to call a guy? Do you find yourself getting pressured and wondering what the heck to say to him? Do you freak out and hang up when you get his voicemail? Do you have to psych yourself into calling him, and then after you hang up, you overanalyze everything you said and wonder if it sounded silly?

Well, ladies, you are not alone! Lots of women have no idea how to talk to a man on the telephone. Things that should be simple, like when to call him, what to say and whether to leave a message can become very complex decisions that we get stuck over because we simply can’t find an answer. You’re in luck, however, because this article will give you a few tips on how to engage a guy on the phone without creating a fool of yourself.

One of the biggest no-nos of calling a guy you’re dating or interested in is over-calling him. Even if he doesn’t pick up and you don’t leave a voicemail, everyone these days has caller ID and he will know that you’ve called him 36 times today alone! Make sure that you’re not overwhelming him with phone calls just because you’re nervous or excited to talk to him. Recall, he has a life too! He has friends, family and a career that he has to manage… he can’t spend all his time fielding your many, many phone calls!

When you do call him in control, it’s much better. Make sure that your conversations don’t drag on and that you don’t keep him on the phone just to have him on the phone. Guys aren’t natural chit-chatters and this will only backfire. Once the discussion comes to an organic pause, end it and leave him wanting more. This way, the next time you call he’ll be excited to hear from you instead of concerned that he’ll have to drop everything for the next hour just to sit on the phone with you.

When he calls you, make sure that you’re not too over-excited to hear from him. No guy wants to think that you’re just sitting all over your apartment waiting for him to call! Make sure that he knows you have your own life, too. Similarly to when you call him, keep discussions brief and to the point, so that he wants to call again.

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