Devil Tattoos – Are You The ‘Temptress’?

Devil Tattoos - Are You The 'Temptress'?	The devil is almost always related with malevolence and enticement. However, when people see an image of the devil, they feel scared and terrified. But despite its negative meaning, more and more people continue to ask for devil tattoos from their tattoo artists.

So why is this tattoo style very popular? Here you can learn more about devil tats, and why they are not always about cruel and merciless animals.

Unmasking the Devil

For several millennia, the devil was viewed as the personification of all things evil and wicked. He is thought to be a shape shifter who can assume different forms in order to carry out his malicious acts. The devil is said to work by prodding and tempting careless humans into sinning and choosing grave acts.

According to mythologies, the devil is seen as a cursed, wild and irrepressible being whose number one goal is to take as many individual souls as he can. In most stories, the devil tempts man by offering irresistible deals in exchange of his life. While this is the usual significance related with the demon, not all devil tats signify such thoughts.

‘Red Man’

The most common devil tattoo design is that of a scary red creature with protruding horns, a tail and a pitchfork. At first sight of this design, most people usually get scared and confused. While this animal is usually drawn spending grievous acts, some people have their devils playing the guitar or riding a big motorbike.


The god Pan, who views a goat-like figure, is the ‘devil’ in the tattoos of some people. Its horrendous look makes it a good substitute for people who do not want to have the red devil tattooed on their skins.Devil Tattoos – Are You The ‘Temptress’?


Another alternative depiction of the devil is the Gargoyle who is just as terrifying with its fangs, claws and enormous wings. Again, this is a good choice for people in search for another type of devil tattoo.

Suave Man

If you dislike the horrendous depictions of the mentioned demons, then the image of a suave man is your best choice for a devil tattoo. Often wearing a suit, this image signifies that the devil is not entirely a gruesome being, and that he can assume the image of a human whenever he wants to. With its humanoid look, this devil almost always succeeds in convincing a person make harmful acts.

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