Rebirth of the Indian Saree

Rebirth of the Indian Saree Donned likewise by the royalty and the commoner, the Saree without doubt is the most ethnic Indian garment. For centuries, the Saree has been the pride of Indian women. For years, Indian women have worn sarees and the garment has become a symbol of Indian tradition and culture. Indian designer sarees are worn on special occasions such as weddings, but lately the trend of wearing them for more casual events is also on the rise. Indian designers are making sarees which are lighter and ideal for casual occasions.

Re-inventing the Saree

Designers are focusing on making sarees which have a universal appeal. Such initiatives have played an important role in advertising this wonderful garment. Many developers have focused on developing sarees in a contemporary style in terms of color and drape.

Modern Saree Trends

Here are some of the recent trends in sarees that have gained huge popularity among fashion geeks:

•   Net Sarees: Incredible motifs and borders decorated with crystals make net sarees look definitely bewitching. This type of Saree can be worn in parties and other informal outings. Many designers have also experimented with floral patterns on net sarees and this has become particularly popular with women.

•   Dhoti Saree: The Dhoti Saree, with wide slits, seen in a recently determined fashion event, infuses modernity with tradition. 3D embroidery and digital prints are visible on this type of Saree, giving it a new look which instantly became a craze among the young fashionist.

•   Pre-pleated Saree: Still today, many women feel that draping a Saree is a mammoth task. A Saree loses its charm if not draped effectively. To address this problem, designers have come up with the pre-pleated Saree. This type of Saree resembles very much with skirts that have pleats stitched in strategic places. The Pre-pleated Saree may also be embroidered with phulkari and zardozi.

According to several prominent designers, analysis with draping styles coupled with approval from celebrities has given a new lease of life to this beautiful garment. Over the years, designers have experimented a lot with Saree drapes and colors. The Indian Film & Television industry has also popular the garment among young women. Stitched and Lehenga sarees worn by actresses have given it a fillip with a modern twist. However, there are actresses who love to flaunt the traditional Saree and look pretty cool in it.

Earlier, Indian sarees were styled in a traditional way, but no one can see a lot of creative Indo-Western styling. This transformation has encouraged young girls to try this garment. Designers are also coming up with exotic styles and designs keeping the body shape in mind. Mermaid cuts, Plain Chiffon and Tissue sarees are in great demand among women.

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