The Nokia Lumia 520 – Enjoyment at a Reasonable Price

The Nokia Lumia 520 – Enjoyment at a Reasonable Price The Nokia Lumia 520 offers you a fun little Smartphone, one that’ll give you everything you need from your modern connection device without breaking the bank. It’s not going to set the world on fire with powerful hardware, cutting edge camera technology or modern design, but then that’s not the point – it’s a really useful phone that comes at a low price while not skimping on the needs.

The phone itself is an attractive piece of work, with a colourful and minimalist case, slim shape and light weight. Once you’ve started using it, you’ll soon notice another fun advantage of the Nokia Lumia 520 - its specially designed, highly sensitive touchscreen. You don’t need to worry about clumsily struggling at the screen while wearing gloves or sporting long fingernails, since you’ll find the touch interface capable of finesse even under such situations. This makes the phone really handy during the colder seasons when you want to be wrapped up warm!

As for the technical abilities of the Nokia Lumia 520, it’s worth noting that the phone is 4G ready. You may not be purchasing a powerhouse here, but it’s ready to take advantage of the improved connection that the new 4G network technology offers. Once you get connected with 4G, you’ll never want to go back to 3G – experience superior speeds that can be five or even six times as fast as 3G, making downloads and uploads a breeze. A phone like the 520 is great for snapping some fun photos and sharing them with friends and family, and 4G means it’s as quick as a flash to achieve. It’s also great just to have a reasonably priced 4G-ready phone so that you don’t need to have a pocket full of cash to be able to take advantage of the new 4G possibility.

The Nokia Lumia 520 comes with an on-board camera with a serviceable 5 megapixel camera; it may not be the Nokia Lumia 1020′s 41 megapixel camera and it won’t set the photographic world alight, but it’ll do the job just fine for the day-to-day task of recording your world and your experiences. Mixed with 4G and the 520′s ease of use with other phones and tablets, and you can quickly and easily organise your photos and get them out there for others to see.

There’s a lot to be said for the Nokia Lumia 520. It’s been well-designed to be easy to use, to work well with what you’ve got already and to offer the needs that you need from your phone – more than just the basics, but none of the extravagances that push more expensive phones into the upper tiers of cost. Small, lightweight, versatile and delicate, the Nokia Lumia 520 plays well with other devices and does all you can reasonably expect from a modern Smartphone. If you’re looking for a new phone and price is an issue – or if you just don’t have any need of all the extras, specialisations and inventions of the cutting-edge smartphones out there – the 520 will suit you just fine.

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