Cats Are Perfect House Pets

Cats Are Perfect House PetsAnimals that live outside are prone to many accidents and disasters. Cats in specific are annoying to neighbors and love to dig in gardens where the freshly dug soil attracts them. This might be your new flower or vegetable patch or even that of the next door house. If the beautiful kitten is friendly and willing it can be stolen by anyone who might like to take it home with them. The greatest horror is running over it in your driveway or finding it dead on the road.

Indoor trained and controlled variations are much simpler to keep and will quickly adapt to their indoor setting, particularly if they have the appropriate furniture, toys and fun. Cats are companion animals and love to be with you as much as possible. That means sitting on laps, even shoulders, using chairs and even sharing beds with their owners.

The more they are treated as one of the family the less likely they are to dart outside should the occasion arise. Children make perfect buddies for them and play can be fun and often tiring for both parties. It is hard to break habits, however, and if a cat is used to roaming free and being part of the outside world then it might be almost difficult to train it to stay within the home. That makes many rescue animals difficult to rehouse.

Kittens trained from the start as indoor pets will never have a problem if they are properly managed and loved. The right food, fresh water always and lots of cuddles will always satisfy its passion for friendly switch and company.

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