Why Sex is Significant to a Relationship?

Why Sex is Significant to a Relationship? Have you ever wondered why sex is so significant to most relationships? There are those who won’t date you if they feel that sex is off the table. They expect that after the date they will be invited home and shown a good time. And for many, all they need is to “hit it once.” After that experience you are added as a notch on their belt buckle.

I believe sex has gotten a bad rap. It has become so casual that people see having sex the same as taking a walk through the park. How can two people undress before each other (when you have just met for the first time), and expose the most private parts of your body to a finish stranger? How do you climb in bed and act as if you two are intimate partners serious in each other when the truth is, all you really care about is the feelings you get from having sex?

Most people agree that rape is a terrible crime. A woman’s feelings are not taken into concern at all when she is raped. All the man care’s about is the feeling he gets when he finds himself inside of a different person. This incessant desire to engage in sex strictly for the feeling has been a problem for society for centuries.

Yes, sex is important and in a relationship it is important. Here are some concerns about sex that we should keep in mind before we take out clothes off for someone we don’t know again;

1) Sex is more than a feeling - it really feels good. I don’t think anyone who has ever had good sex will tell you it felt bad. But sex is more than a feeling. Sex is intended to help us surpass the physical and enter into a place that is both mental and emotional.

2) It is difficult to be truly close with a stranger - contrary to popular belief; you cannot be truly intimate with someone knowing you. Intimacy means ‘into-me-see”… It allows someone else to see the real you. When you bed a stranger, they don’t know your middle name, your favorite color nor is you like sugar in your coffee. This person really doesn’t deserve to see the real you because they don’t know you.

3) Sex mixed with love can give you the best feelings you have ever had - I have been married a long time and in love during that time. I believe anyone who is in love and spends every day and every night with that special person finds sex to be wonderful.

If I can encourage anyone today I would say “look for love and allow sex to become a part of that partnership. You will not regret it.”