Tips for the 1st Date

Tips for the 1st Date It’s difficult to make a genuine connection with a stranger unless you have a natural chemistry, but if it feels right for both of you, sparks can fly. However, although it’s sometimes love at first sight, a gradually building integration of sizzling banter and sparkling repartee might also win the day. For some, online dating websites are a tempting road packed with potential options.

If you do try them, make sure that the dating service you employ gives you like-minded matches. Look for a site that matches all of your kooky personality quirks. If you decide on using something that only capitalizes on your all-day adoration for Hello Kitty, then you could paint yourself into a corner. Instead, share all of your interests in your online profile. Don’t have any misgivings. Be utterly misgiving less.

If you’ve tried a spot of online dating and are meeting up with a suitor for your first date, you might like to keep in mind these four tutorial tips on first date etiquette.

1:  On a first date, choose a neat balance of seriousness and fun. Don’t be too humorless but, equally, don’t come across exclusively interested in lightweight, throwaway subjects. It’s important to keep conversation positive and pleasant. Upbeat natters about your personal passions will always be better to The Big Three Taboos, e.g. religion, politics and past relationships.

2:  Don’t be afraid to start up a meaningful conversation. If you’ve met on a serious dating website, the chances are that the pair of you is looking for something real. Powerful questions about your career, the most important things in your life or plans for the future, are a necessary part of getting to know someone better. Let the chatting flow naturally, and don’t forget to listen. Busying yourself by continually thinking of the next chat topic makes you seem rude, easily distracted, or scarcely interested in what they have to say. If possible, keep the talking/listening ratio to a shaped 50/50 split if possible.

3:  General modern manners proclaims that whoever proposes the date will pay, but this should probably be talked about upfront, so as to cease any potential faux pas blunderings. Men generally pay for dinner, but won’t mind if the girl wants to pay for the second meet-up: If you make him feel at ease on the first date, he’ll be open to letting you pay the next time.

4:  Act assured and self-assured, and display positive and inspiring body language. Make eye contact, smile, and lean in when talking. If there’s an attraction and you want to meet up again, don’t be shy and play hard to get. Playing pretend-uninterested is truly tedious, so go ahead and ask for a second date. Something bold but managed like “I had a really nice time with you tonight, and I’d like to see you again” is entirely suitable. If you get rejected, take it like an adult and move on; there’s no use dwelling, it just wasn’t meant to be.

5:  DO NOT get drunk. Most people know that drinking too much can lead to awkward displays of idiocy. An anxious or worried mind can become a weak mush, and a few alcoholic drinks can appear to be a good idea at the time. However, getting wasted is an incorrect quick-fix that might combat the nervous nerves, but you won’t emerge funnier or more charming; you’ll appear inferior and boorish. Don’t hide behind a flurry of hastily-ordered glasses of wine or a few beers that motivate such mortifyingly shameful actions. Preventing that will avoid that.

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