Move Ahead in Love: Venus Lead in Capricorn

love couplesNow that we’ve all had an chance to knowledge the darker sides of Venus — love and relationships – over the past month, we’re ready to move forward — armed and awake — on January 31. Venus Retrograde in Capricorn in the first month of 2014 was no doubt a tough reunion with shadows, jealousies, power plays, worries and toxic patterns. As Venus goes direct on January 31, the question is how do we want to move forward with new attention? How do we bring more reliability into our relationships? It’s time to pave new ground with enough self-love to sustain us through any future storms.

Whether you’re in a new relationship, directing an existing one or preparing for your next duo, this is the time to get clear about what you are saying yes and no to when it comes to integrating. What are the rules, deal breakers and vital limits you need to make your relationships solid? Two of the important parts to a stable, high-road relationship are tolerance and absolution. The question to ask now that Venus is direct is: is your love strong enough? How much are you willing to undergo and work on in order to bring the darkness to light in your intimate activities?

Capricorn signifies the hard work necessary to build something lasting. As long as we value the relationship, we will put in the effort required to overcome all the hurdles and challenges that certainly arise in the merger of two individual celebrities. If we don’t see the value in the long-term potential, chances are we will cut our losses and save our special time and energy for someone or something we deem more beneficial. The danger here is the illusion that by changing partners we can somehow break the pattern when in reality the saying goes, “swap the partner, keep the problem.” In that case, it might be better to take enough time to break the pattern internal before going on a new tryst.

Finally, the point now is to march forward with the new ideas firmly under your belt rather than turn a blind eye to what you’ve just revisited. There’s a cosmic reason as to why we repeat training!

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