Know what bring 2014 for you– Libra Horoscope

Know what bring 2014 for you– Libra HoroscopeYear 2014 at a peek

You may be prone to losing your temper in the first half of the year. The transits of Mars and Rahu shall test your patience, so be very careful of your words and deeds, says Ganesha. A single sentence taken out of context can hurt people, so you shall have to be very alert and politically correct while speaking. During the year you shall remain busy both as a professional and as a member of your household. Even in business the options of ego conflicts are quite high. You will need all your tact to handle such situations. Professionals are likely to make quick career progress. Your status in the field shall get improved. Monetary inflow will be steady, but don’t expect any windfalls. Saturn in Scorpio, i.e. the second Sign from yours, implies that it is time you review your investments and savings. Note that these are Sun Sign based forecasts, and hence may be somewhat general, as they apply to a large people.

Libra Love & Marriage 2014

Singles are in luck this year, foretells Ganesha. You are likely to find your soul-mate. There is a possibility that you may fall for someone older, as your wavelength may match. Those of you who are in a committed relationship, shall learn that love is the greatest teacher. If the plan is to get married, the stars are fully in your favour so you may go ahead without any hesitation. However, don’t rush things as the wedding is not likely to take place until towards the end of the year. Also, before taking the plunge. More so, because there is a danger that you may get misled by blind love, and may lose your power of elegance as to what is right and what is wrong. Be realistic and down to earth. There are chances that this year, if you let disputes go awry, they could even lead to a break-up, so remember always to handle things with appropriate respect. Love can make or mar your life! Presently, your Sign is under some duress, and may remain like that for most part of the year 2014. Do not handle callously the delicate matters of love, marriage and relationships

Libra Business 2014

You will have to be very active on the social front, interacting with as many people as feasible in order to promote your business in 2014, foretells Ganesha. At the same time you need to be careful that your relationships with old contacts don’t get spoiled. Hectic travel for business reasons is on the cards. The year is not very excellent for investing more money in your business, though. Taking the business dynamics and ground realities into concern, you must not take big risks. However, if you do have some plans in pipeline, we suggest that you do not just rely on Sun Sign forecasts, for they may be generic. In fact, you should rather invest in a customized Report for any major business decisions that you have in mind. There may be many positive trends on this front. Turnover will increase, and so will margins, and besides, there may be new options to convert small tasks into big businesses. If growth plans are on your mind, grab every such opportunity when you get one for the same.

Tips for Libra

1. Don’t be energetic, particularly on the personal front.

2. Open a repeating deposit account and start saving money to secure your future.

3. Be alert, and see to it that no one tries to tarnish your popularity.

4. Aim for inner comfort, then things outside shall instantly become tranquil.

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