How to Grab Beautiful Girls on Facebook

How to grab beautiful girls on facebookDo not use the “poke” function to try and get her focus

Why? Well because a hot girl would be getting so many pokes from random guys it would get annoying. I know the poke function is fun and cool to play with, but you have to realize that it does nothing to convey your style.

In fact you’re just another guy who can’t think of anything initial to say, so that’s why you decided to poke her. You want to engage women online in a way that makes you stand out from the rest of the chumps. That is why you need to avoid using the same methods that all the other guys use otherwise you’ll run the risk of being lumped jointly as another weirdo.

Do send her a funny short and exciting first message

You want to let her know that you are a very interesting person. The only way to convey this to her is by sending her something unique and customized to her profile. Make sure it’s funny, and a bit cocky. This lets her know that you’re not just an average Joe and you are very confident about yourself. You have somewhere to go and you know how to get there. This is attractive to women, so make a point when you message her. Be sure to tease her a little also as it makes her want to message you back because you have given her a compelling reason to do so. This is how to pickup girls on Facebook. Give her a reason to want to message you back and soon enough you’ll be asking for her MSN and number and she’ll actually want to give it to you!

Do not give her the impact that you are illiterate

Yes guys, this means you need to communicate with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. You need to show her that you’re not an idiot and you did pass Basic English in primary school. If you come across as a guy who is unintelligible, then no matter how attractive you are she’s just going to think you’re a dumbass. Please, spend time to read what you write and proof read your sentences. This sounds really basic, but the amount of guys who still mail messages girls as if they were little 14 year olds amazes me!

Get a plan.

Attraction online is much more organized than most guys realize. There is a step by step process that all guys can follow as long as they implement it. For example, you can set yourself up so that you message 5 fascinating girls a day or whatever. That works delights.

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