after break up,

Make a Contact after a Break Up Break ups can be confusing and mentally tedious. It makes sense that you would want to attain closure, and the simplest way to do that would be to talk to your ex and discuss the relationship and where it went awry. Or perhaps you’re over your ex and he won’t stop seeking to contact you. Or maybe, you miss him and you’re thinking whether it would be okay to call him and say hello.

What exactly are the rules to contact after a break up? Is there a designated waiting period before can connect with them? Is it okay to talk to them at all, and more essentially, is it healthy for you? The following will answer all of these questions.

First, ask yourself what your motives are with him. If you’re debating whether or not to contact him, be honest with yourself. Are you looking to get back together with him? Are you just wondering how he’s doing? Do you want a sweater that you left at his house back? If you’re running the risk of getting heartbroken all over again, it’s probably a good idea to give it some more time before you talk to him at all. You don’t want to fall back into the same trap and find yourself crying over him all over again. If you’re just wondering how he’s been, it’s a little different. There’s nothing wrong with staying friends with an ex. But you do want to give it a little time for the relationship to settle into a platonic status rather than expecting it to instantly.

┬áIf he’s the one doing the contacting, you will have to ask yourself the same questions. What do you expect from him? Why is he calling you? Why do you want him to be calling you? If you’re hoping for a cheerful reunion with your ex boyfriend or lover, realize that you could end up being irritated. Are you ready for another feasible heartbreak if he is trying to get back together with you? Worse, are you ready to feel humiliated and hurt if he’s not calling to get back together? Keep your mind and your heart open to all leads of why he’s calling you so that you can be ready and protect yourself mentally.

It seems like some people break up and get back jointly all the time. Or that some lovers break up and can instantly have a normal friendship. Not everyone is that way, though, so think it through before you call.

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