When Two Have Become One

When Two Have Become One As two become one,

Their love is found unique,

What they will become,

Is truly something complete.

Think of love as an unrefined efficiency; what God can do for two imperfect people as they agree to submit to one another for the marriage’s sake. Love is willing sacrifice. Love is God’s answer: one human being to another.

Can there be a more salubrious event in the sight of God than two becoming one, whether by marriage union or by teamwork or by reaching settlement? God is the God of reconciliation and where there are differences, the God-appointed destiny is to be reconciled, always – by one of many possible ways of being reconciled.

Marriage is perfect reconciliation.

Marriage is the epitome of God’s design for two persons of the opposite sex, who fit together, physically, mentally, emotionally and as the finale of these, sexually.

Marriage is union of trust and the upholding of respect. Where two persons come together, so diversely arranged, but placed together by circumstances that God has brought about, it is a veritable miracle that they be such different persons who can attain to trust and respect for the other - to earnestly seek it, every day. There is no shame in being male or being female, though our bodies are different. There is no shame in being male or female, though we think differently.

Marriage is the opportunity to accept another person more, perhaps, than they may accept themselves. What a gift it is to one partner who has a low self-esteem to receive proof and proof from their partner, not that a partner is required to complete one’s identity in this fashion.

Such love in marriage completes us, as far as God’s will for finish is concerned. Unity has no higher mark in this life. Marriage is developed to be all this. But this doesn’t mean there won’t be a threat to such unity from time to time – or that unity may be destroyed and need to be rebuilt. It is to both parties to the set up of marriage that the responsibility for unity lays. Both are equally liable for unity.

When two have become one, there must be celebrations in heaven. When two have become one there are certainly events on earth.

When two have become one there is a note of eager sacrifice that is shared. They have transcended the barriers of their person envy. They have attained something of God in their midst.

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