Lifestyle and Painting of Marc Chagall

Lifestyle and Painting of Marc Chagall Marc Chagall is today regarded as one of the greatest artistic works pioneer across the world. He is a Jewish artist of the twentieth century and one of the celebrated icons in the field of arts particularly artwork. Apart from painting, other careers Marc Chagall is famous for include stained glass arts, prints, stage sets among others.

Marc Chagall started his journey to becoming an artist when he was at the age of 19 years. It was then that he joined a local private school- Yehuda Pen- that taught drawing and artwork. However, with his great zeal to pursue a career in art work, his father was against the whole idea. It was thanks to his mother’s work that Chagall’s dream of becoming an artist was incepted.

Marc Chagall’s study at his first school of arts never took long before he transferred to St. Petersburg, Russia in 1907 to further what he had started a year ago. His transfer however came along with a great deal of hardships. As a matter of fact Chagall was at one point arrested for operating and living in Petersburg without a permit. This was despite the fact that he never used any form of Jewish culture while in that city. It was a time of challenge but Chagall eventually made it through his studies and became a specialist artist.Lifestyle and Painting of Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall met his first love Bella in Vistebsk during the summer of 1909. The couple was to get married 6 years later upon which Bella would become his wife.

It was after several years of living in Petersburg city in Russia that Marc Chagall decided to move to Paris, France. Here, the artist had a chance to meet and interact with other great world artists including Robert Delaunay. During his stay in Paris, Chagall managed to create some of his very famous paintings which played a great role in creating his career and making his name known.

Upon the onset of the 2nd world war, Chagall was forced to move from Paris to the United States of America where he was to carry on with his artistic works. Even so, Chagall had a great yearn of coming to Paris but his dreams were slowed when his wife Bella suddenly died. He had to return to Europe after the death of his wife where he got married to his second wife, Vava who then died in 1985.

Until his death, Marc Chagall kept his focus on arts. His great initiatives and zeal saw most of his work being displayed in many areas across the globe. His name remains top in the world of arts until today.

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