This Valentine’s Day, Be Adore

This Valentine‚Äôs Day, Be Adore If we have a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, we celebrate Valentine’s Day because we think that this is evidence that we have love in our life. If we are “alone” we often think we’ve failed or that love has “passed us by.”

Moreover, Valentine’s Day, even for those of us who are “with” someone, can be unsatisfying because we expect things to be a certain way, we expect to feel a certain way, and we even expect our important other to feel or act a certain way. And if we don’t, or if they don’t, we feel frustrated and perhaps that we are not loved.

The Truth is that Love is not something we have or don’t have. Love is not even something we can get or give. Love is something we EXPERIENCE. And the only place we can EVER encounter anything is INSIDE ourselves.

Exactly what is it that we experience when we experience Love? We experience everything being OK. We experience being accepted, just as we are. We experience that at every moment, the options in the invisible world of imagination inside of us are endless.

IT DOES NOT TAKE ANOTHER PERSON FOR US TO EXPERIENCE THIS! In fact, another person has NOTHING to do with our capability to experience Love at every moment.

To me, Love is nothing more than allowing our experience to be exactly what it is. Allowing ourselves to feel whatever feelings we’re feeling whenever we’re feeling them. Allowing ourselves to be thinking whatever we’re thinking. Letting ourselves to feel upset whenever we’re upset. In short, allowing ourselves to BE ourselves.

This has nothing to do with “expressing” ourselves, trying to change the world or change someone else. It’s just an approval of our experience exactly as it is.

And the funny thing is, when you can accept your experience exactly as it is, you are BEING Love. And when you are BEING Love, you’re accepting everybody else exactly as they are, because how “they” are only can exist in YOUR experience. In doing this, your BEING Love is extending beyond your own apparent borders and includes everything and everyone. And when you can do that, you experience that you are loved, that you love others and that others love you.This Valentine's Day, Be Adore

Even though all that’s really happening is that you are having things EXACTLY as they are. Inside of YOU.

Of course it’s lovely when we experience someone showing love back to us. But let us remember that the “other” is a depiction, and the world can only reflect back to you what is already in you.

This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re “with” someone or not, see if, instead of regarding yourself with how things “should” be, or how frustrated or even how happy you are, BE WITH WHAT IS. In. is with whatever thoughts you’re having. Be with whatever Sensations you’re having.

Be your OWN Valentine. And watch the whole world appear to be what it truly is. LOVE.

Have an “Amazing” Valentine’s Day.

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