Weight Loss and A diet

Weight Loss and A dietOne of the greatest health problems most urban citizens face these days is Obesity. The causes could be anything ranging from junk food & unsafe life styles to improving criteria of living and leisure seeking attitudes. Whatever the reason might be, the effects could be serious if the issue is ignored. Obesity has been recognized as the primary cause for some serious scenarios like high blood pressure, diabetes, joint disease and certain kinds of heart and breathing diseases. Not only this, it doesn’t have the best psycho-social results either because “Stoutness” is often connoted with “Ugliness”.

What can you do?
Well, a person could be obese for a variety of reasons. The most common ones are genetics, metabolism, setting and eating habits. Based on what the cause is, the therapy would be various. But there are certain ideas that are relevant to all kinds of obese people. One such principle is the “Energy Balance Equation”. So according to this equation, No. of calories taken in – No. of calories sent out = Calories (Weight) retained.

So if you can just recall this simple formula, you’ll identify why you are losing or putting on weight. There are several ways in which you can follow this equation. Some of them are:

Eat less (Don’t overdo it or it could lead to further issues like weakness, dizziness etc.)

• Workout (If you can force yourself to follow some kind of a training regimen, you’d certainly be burning more calories than without it).

• A mix of the above two i.e. Eat more but exercise even more.Weight Loss and A diet

• Keep a calorie count by eating healthy food and avoiding junk.

What to do if nothing works?
There could be people with genetic build ups and metabolic make ups such that their bodies make and retain fat quickly. These people are the ones that find it the hardest to stay slim as no matter how healthy or how little they eat, their body always seems to manage to add it to the pound count. For such people, the will power to stay inspired is the most essential factor. If one strategy is not working for you, try the next and so on until you find the one that suits your body type the most. It is time taking and hard but tenacity is the key. So like the saying goes - “If you want it really bad, you’ll get it for sure”.

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