Koi Pond – The Best Plants to Choose

Koi Pond – The Best Plants to Choose Now that your koi pond is finally finished, after all your hard work building it, now it is time to think about what sort of plants to select to get the water garden looking the way you would like. You want it to look stunning, of course, but when choosing your plants, keep in mind that these plants will also have the added value of bringing scientific life to your koi pond. This helps maintain your pond in a natural way.

The climate in your certain area is something to consider. Certain plants will not survive in certain problems, so it is important to do some research before going out and spending your hard-earned cash. If you have a local dealer, then have a chat with them for advice on which plants are best suited to your koi pond.

Lotus Plants

Lotus plants are always a popular choice for koi ponds, because of their simple beauty. When in bloom, lotus plants have a special beauty and aroma. A word of warning, though. Lotus plants like temperatures above 65 deg. Fahrenheit, so you will need somewhere to house them during the cooler months. A greenhouse would be good, as lotus plants require soil and a lot of sunlight. You need to plant them in about 2-3 feet of water during warmer weather, and indoors when it goes colder.

Water Hyacinths

If you have a busy lifestyle and cannot put enough time into keeping your koi pond, then water hyacinths may be a good choice. They are a low-maintenance plant and very pretty in look. They do not require soil or planting. You just scatter them on the water, and the only work required is minimal. You will need to anchor them down so that they do not float all over the pond randomly. Water hyacinths are also good for fighting algae and blanket weed.Koi Pond – The Best Plants to Choose

One word of warning about water hyacinths. They can take over a pond if left alone. They easily spread around, even outside the pond, so you must keep an eye on them consistently and trim them back. If allowed to spread, they can be highly hard to remove.

Underwater plants

It is a good idea to invest in some underwater plants. Even though they are not seen, they have a practical use. They will fight against algae, put air in the water and can be a source of food for your fish. Any good local pet store or koi dealer will have bundles of these types of plants. Most of these plants need no extra offering during the cold season, so once you put them in place, you don’t have to worry about them. So, although they are unseen, they are doing a great job under the surface, which benefits not only you, but the residents of your koi pond.

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