The 3 D’s to Finding Love

The 3 D's to Finding LoveThey say that time keeps on falling. For those of us who know love or yearn to find it, we know that the same pillars of time apply to it. Love is tricky enough to be called a science. Whether you have it and you feel it withering away or you tasted it before and you want it back in your life again, there are laws just like in physics that you have to apply. Finding love therefore needs you to look not only at ways of finding love, but to take into account the times we live in as well.

It is possible to be married or in a relationship and yet not have love. Such a situation is pretty much the same as one who has never loved and desires to make love part and parcel of their life. Whether you are looking to rekindle it or find it, below are some barriers caused by the times we live in, that you just have to overcome if you want to nestle yourself in love.


One of the most important things about finding love is recognizing that times have changed and, so have the places where one would expect to find love. There was a time not so long ago that one could stroll down the street or into a café and find love. Today however, life is such a hustle and bustle that it is a hallucination to assume such a movie situation can find you love. In the very same way that you are stressed with the daily rules that afford you a life, the person you are hoping to give you love is battling to live a basic life.

The answer here is to place you in the path of love. Do not look to clubs or major social events as the perfect opportunity to find a better half. Look instead for the quiet settings of people who have the same things in common as you do. For example, if you love to read and you want a partner who will do the same, sit in the park and read a book. If you build it, he will come.


Never before has anybody lived in a time where there were more distractions than we have today. Couples sit in bed with laptops or tablets in their hand, wake up to the morning news and listen to music on their commute to work as well as back home. Going out is all full of media ads and trying to perfect being a socialite that it becomes simply impossible to be you. The solution to finding love here is to learn how to turn them all off. Leave the iPhone back home once in a while and just listen to the flutter of butterflies. Without trying to have some ‘alone’ time, there is no way of finding your bearings towards love in range.


One of the worst things about life is staying in a comfort zone. Humans as species are made to be in constant growth and progression. Even married couples who find love can err by staying in a comfort zone instead of constantly finding ways to make love flourish. Those who have tried their luck at love but all in vain should not decide it is hopeless. Do not stay in the relaxation zone. Realize that you age and with age you must find new ways to grow in the same way a muscle trained to doing the same amount/type of exercise will not expand further.

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