How to love your own company

In a world where coupledom is celebrated and motivated, you may feel as if there is a lot of pressure on you to be actively looking to pair yourself with someone in the universe. The thing is, right now, right at this very moment, you could be really happy with yourself and/or feeling that you are really not suitable with anyone else. And there is surely nothing wrong with that.

Now that we’ve got you all psyched up about your singleness, your mind is probably whirling with ways to woo yourself on your next one-man date. How to love your own companyYou’d be amazed at just how much you can enjoy solitude. Just like dating, doing things on your own is the perfect way to get to know yourself better. So here are a few things that are properly ideal to do on your own and in public:

Take a ride

If you don’t know how to ride a bike then good for you, you get to spend more time with yourself learning how to do it (there are silver linings everywhere).

Once you have learned how to master the pedals, take a leisurely ride through scenic routes. Enjoy guilt-free, indicative, breezy, sun-in-your-face time alone. Cycling is a completely good thing to do on your own so you don’t even have to feel like people are quietly judging you for it.How to love your own company

Have a book date

Books are gadgets that, like cellphones, really help you out in a difficult situation. But unlike cellphones, people are more sincere of you reading in public. Stand next to a couple making out while you scroll through your cellphone and people are bound to create a ‘forever alone’ meme out of you. Stand next to that couple while reading a book and you’ll probably get a stranger walk up to them and tell them to have some respect. Well, let’s just say that’s what we’d like to believe right now.

Pick a day just to go out and relax. Go to the park, get a corner table in a coffee shop or go on an author finding in a bookshop or library. Hey, you could even cycle there.

How to love your own companyCook for yourself

Right, moving on from this ‘tutorial’ and onto a more serious note. Every person should, at least once in a while, take the time to truly have dinner by themselves. Not microwave/TV dinner and not fast food in the parking lot. An actual prepared-on-the-stove, made with love and attention, music in the background, glass of wine in hand, candles on a cautiously set table type of meal. Okay the wine is optional, the candles not so much.

Treat yourself to wonderful dinner made by you. Get some recipes, some candles and your self-assured attitude. You deserve this.

Have a movie nightHow to love your own company

You know all those movies you’ve suggested on a date/night out that were never received with as much enthusiasm as you thought it deserved? Recall all those times you heard the words “Are you kidding me?! We’ve watched this move five times already! Can’t we watch something else?”

Introducing your very own movie night. A night where everything you say goes. Take out your DVD collection of all your popular classic movies. Recite the entire movie, word for word. Out. Loud. Noisily eat your secret chocolate stash. In fact, eat all those non-movie snacks that people often judge you for wanting. Laugh out loud, cry, be needlessly paranoid or be a hopeless romantic.