Dating Concepts to Encourage You

Are you stuck in a dating rut and need some ideas? Add variety to your dating life by trying out one of these ideas. From classic dates you may not have thought of in a while, to cheap dates, adventure dates, plan-ahead dates, lesson dates, and surprise dates, there are enough ideas here to get your innovative juices going.

Dating Concepts to Encourage You Classic Dates

One of the most classic dates includes dinner and a movie. Spice it up by going to a drive-in theater. Pile some pillows and blankets in the car and bring whatever movie snacks you want, from popcorn to self-made fried chicken. An often ignored dating past time is a good old-fashioned game of miniature golf. Go at night when the course is lit up and romantic. As you walk over the bridge of water from one hole to the next, stop and give your guy or gal a smooch. Go bowling on a double date. While the other couple bowls, you and your date can snuggle up. Go roller skating or ice skating and try not to trip over each other.

Adventure DatesDating Concepts to Encourage You

Are you an amazing couple? How about a nature walk or hike? Take your bikes out for a spin or rent some in a great cycling area, such as the beach. Go rock rising, either on natural rocks, or at a rock climbing service? Take a hot air balloon ride and hold each other tight as you soar high in the sky. Other journey dates involve water skiing, jet skiing, snow skiing, snowboarding, skydiving, ATVs, and motorcycles. Go to a batting cage or drive go carts. Play paint ball and see how much paint you can cover your date with.

Dating Concepts to Encourage You Plan-Ahead Dates

A plan-ahead-date is usually something you have to buy tickets for in advance. Take your date to a concert, a play or musical. From Broadway to Group Theater, there are a variety of price points for these types of dates. Take your date to see their favorite comic where you can both have a good laugh. Be mystified at a magic show or go to the circus and pretend you’re a kid again. Go online and explore the large array of options. Plan-ahead- dates are great gift ideas, by the way.

Surprise DatesDating Concepts to Encourage You

Take turns planning dates and amaze each other. One week you plan the date and can go anywhere you choose. The next week your important other gets to pick and surprise you. The date may include a series of surprise stops, such as one place for dinner, another for entertainment, and a third for dessert. When you’re in charge of the date you might decide to blindfold them so they can’t see where you’re going. The date doesn’t have to be anything elegant and neither of you should expect too much. Just have fun and be prepared for anything.

One way to change things up is to simply explore areas outside of your usual dating area. If you’re bored with your usual stomping grounds try discovering the next city or town over for what they have to offer. If you’re used to chain restaurants, try some unique one-of-a kind places that you can’t find just anywhere. With a little creativity you can keep things interesting. Despite of where you go and what you do, always remember to engage with your date and enjoy the simple things, like staring at the sunset together or holding hands as you walk bare foot on a sandy beach, or patch of grass.

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