The Benefits of Dating a Doctor

The Benefits of Dating a DoctorDoctors are humans too. Generally they try their best to provide their relationships within the hard learning they endure or the 60-85 hours’ work week. Here are several friendly tips of what to consider when dating a doctor and trying your best to stay happy.

Medicine Comes First

It sounds selfish, but you have to realize that with so many years invested in rigorous studying and training, they are eager to start a stable job. Wouldn’t you? That said, it’s best you don’t have any expectations or be upset that you are not the center of her/his universe. On the other hand, don’t translate it as if the person doesn’t have any serious intentions toward you. Go along and try to be helpful.

Home Alone On Holidays

Get used to the thought that you might spend your birthday with friends, not with your favorite doctor. Most of the time medics don’t work 9 to 5 shifts, and are often on call. However, issues happen without a warning and it’s a doctor’s duty to respond promptly.

Best attitude in this case – accept the nature of the profession and don’t fret, don’t feel bad about yourself. Just carry on with your initial plan and wait for a better time to celebrate together.

Don’t Be Needy

All of us expect unconditional love and attention from the people we date. However, a career in medicine is highly needing. It may seem to you that you never spend any quality time together. Perhaps you think you are somewhat ignored and the conversation between you two is virtually non-existent. You signed in for the ride, so be patient. Try not to throw tantrums, avoid quarrels, because if you create extra tension, you have to know that you’d be on the losing side. Remember that after a hard day’s work, the doc needs to relax and get some rest.

Set Up a Date Night

So it does look like you live separate lives, but dating a doctor is not mission difficult. Balance can be found along with mutual knowing and gratitude. Mark a day of the week that works for both of you and go on a date. Go to the movies, or just take a stroll through the park and then have dinner in a quiet family restaurant; or go dancing.

You can both find a common hobby – play an instrument, take a pottery class or horseback riding. It’s important to feel the relationship and have fun at the same time.

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