How to identify a best friend

How to identify a best friend Best friends are always difficult to find.

Let’s make this clear from the start. This article is not about how you will be able to identify a best friend from a normal one, nor how to become or find a best friend. This article will just be stating true facts that make up a best friend.

I will start off my saying that I am lucky of having a best friend. She is the person I can always count on, no matter how hard I hit the ground and how bad it feels. She is the person I can truly count on whenever I need cheering up, joking around, making fun of things, hang out, but most of all – and most notably – she is the person I can be myself with.

It may seem weird to say “myself” because of course I would be myself. But sometimes it is hard to be your true self when you ave people around that don’t really enjoy what you like. You may be into some music that your normal friends hate or cannot stand. But that best friend accepts you no matter your taste in clothes, music or anything else. She accepts the fact that you are a normal human being and by being one, you certainly have unique choices and views on everything. Some things may be in common, which are those points you can talk about, but if a thing comes up that you happen to assist and the other person doesn’t… well… that friend will be more than happy to discuss it with you and share and view.

True friends

Finding a true friend is hard. I have been by the most difficult friendships but I survived them. Then, it took me sometime, to trust and feel relaxed with people. I found mine, and I hope to keep her because I know I can talk about something, and she can talk about anything with me.

Best friends are the ones you can count on, the ones that turn your day around, the ones that may know you better than you know yourself, and can get you no matter how bad you messed up. They know how to help you, which stories to share with you to make you identify.

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