Mother-Daughter Moments from Indian Weddings

Mother-Daughter Moments from Indian Weddings There is no love as pure and unconditional as a mother’s love for her children. Truly special is the bond, which she shares with her shadow- her daughter. Her first teacher, her best pal, and a life-long guiding angel, a mother plays many roles in her daughter’s life. No wonder, the emotions are high, when her daughter steps into her own new world.

In the midst of the wedding crowd, a mother’s eyes are regularly gazing at the daughter, taking all the expression they can on her little princess’s face. Here are a few magical moments from real Indian weddings taking this mother- daughter endless love.

Beauty and joy

Away from all the guests and the hustle-bustle of her engagement ceremony, here is our gorgeous bride and her mother sharing a moment of camaraderie. In the midst of all the rituals, the bride makes sure that she spends a few special minutes with the one she is most attached and closest to. The twinkle in the bride’s eyes and a fresh calmness on the mother’s face, make it a perfect click!

“Touch wood” momentMother-Daughter Moments from Indian Weddings

Weddings are filled with many beautiful moments that forces you to say “touch wood”. And, here is one such moment that we have chosen for you. ‘Balaaiyen lena’, is an Indian way of warding off evil eye. Here is the mother of a bride making sure that no evil eye comes near her precious child, ever!

Figure of love

Here is a bride and a mother sharing a very close, special and heartfelt moment. A mother makes sure that along with her wishes, she also imparts her wisdom and lessons on love and relationships, particularly at this moment.

Tears well up!

Vidaai of a daughter evokes complex mix of emotions in a mother’s heart. The tears we see during that moment are an merger of happiness as well as of the realization that she will not be able to see her valuable little one every day.

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