Amendments on marriage age law in India.

india marriagelaw

Between changing time the age of boys’ marriage has been reduced from 21 to 18 years, it means that the younger generation has been made responsible.
The effect of this new system of law commission will also be seen soon. Time is changeable and time is needed to recognize the correct pulse. Today’s child does not play with clay and wood toys, children also appear in the streets of middle class colonies.
Today’s child is born in the world of television, mobile, computer and internet, its world is not limited. He plays computer games today in the hands of mouse, chatting on the Internet. All these have changed their world. He knows the meaning of biting a pinch on someone’s hip, and he knows what is the key to everything and he knows in the raw age, the adjective that has a natural relation with others. Actually where childhood has remained.
In its report, the Law Commission has removed the haze with a lot of questions, and it is recommended to reduce the age of marriageable age from 21 to 18 years for young people. The young immersed in love will surely be happy on this decision. The first franchise age was 21 years, which was reduced to 18 years. If you have become a partner in making the government of the country 18 years old and have accepted that he has an understanding of who has to give or who is not to vote, then allow him to marry at the age of 18 Why be avoided.
In fact, society and guardians do not allow children to make independent decisions in the matter of love and marriage, and they are burdened with traditions and conservative rituals. Parents always think that their children are still not able to make their own decisions. From this point of view, there are two aspects of this recommendation, as are two aspects of every coin.
Giving the right to marriage at the age of 18 can be seen in a positive way, but if the child falls into the ‘Love Mecking’ after entering the college in the eyes of the parents, then what will the future be? Parents believe that unless their son is employed or business established, he should not get married to his life partner if he is not able to provide two-time roti. We do not talk about families with millions of business, this is the perception of ordinary families of the country.
The Supreme Court had sought advice from the Law Commission for not having any law regarding child marriage. The Delhi High Court and many other high courts of the country justified the weddings made under the age of 16.

Delhi and Andhra Pradesh High Courts said in their decision:

  1. If a girl under the age of 18 marries herself, she will not be invalid or illegal.
  2. Even if a girl is a minor but she leaves the house with her lover, then the boy can not be accused of kidnapping and rape.
  3. A minor also has the fundamental rights of life and liberty under Article 21 of the Constitution. If a parent or a society does not understand the feelings of a minor and strikes them or registers a report in the police, then they have the right to protect their feelings. If the boy and girl run away because of feelings and desires, then this will not be a crime.

In view of all these circumstances, the Law Commission has recommended to increase the age limit of the girl from 15 years to 16 years, to make voluntary sexual relationship whether married or not. If the recommendation is accepted, in cases where a girl under 16 years marries has sexual relations with her husband, husband can not escape punishment by claiming that he has sex with his wife.

The common reaction to these recommendations is that the law will definitely cover the legal mess, but the country’s growing population will also have to pay attention. Reducing the age of marriage can increase the population rapidly. The decision is in the hands of parents and adults.

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