Online matrimony pros and cons

males-2339843_1280In old times relationship used to be organized by the seniors who try to find the match among their friends and relatives’ network. Then comes expert known as marriage brokers or intermediator and these are working till today. After this Matrimonial ads came into existence which can cover some region like state ,cities etc in newspapers which gave wider searching facility. But because of globalization individuals get dispersed everywhere throughout the nation and all over globe these commercials are not enough. At this point the web and online wedding destinations created.

      Wider Search facility: People have larger data according to their choice of caste, religion, background and ethnicity etc to select their matching profiles and initiate further process.
      Cheaper service: Now a days online matrimonial service is most inexpensive among all. As sites like provides many match alerts in small amount.
      Ease and availability of use: As mobile apps came into existence, it becomes very easy for aspiring people to use this service anywhere anytime. You can initiate talk also with chat facility. So we can say that one is few click away from searching his/her dream match.
    Pictures and videos: This is a great feature which overcomes the drawback of previous matchmaking strategies of newspaper ads. You can upload your pics and can view others.


      Authenticity of profiles: You cannot be 100% sure about the profile that is it genuine or fake. As everyone tries to highlight their profiles even he/she has to use lies.
    Privacy: This is another major concern that somebody may misuse your profile information for bad things.

Conclusion: So, According to me one can get great benefit from online matrimony if used cautiously , as now a days these sites provides many features to protect privacy of customer.

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