Living green loving green

save earth,save planet imagesFor all environmentalists, this is really a sad world environmental problems and so little solutions offered. Our Mother Earth could be anything but happy with the fact that the destiny of our planet lies in the hands of humans.We were meant to be the guardians of our planet and not end up as the ones that destroy it. If we make a little efforts and look for the well being of our planet, most certainly it will pay back us with sweet results. After all, if we care too much about our own homes, then we should certainly care about our planet that is the source of our existence.

While finding simple solutions to protect our environment, let’s not look to them as solution for controlling the climate, but as a routine part to constantly work towards the betterment of it.

Nothing can make the world greener, than planting a tree in the backyard. Plant a tree near your house or in your locality. It will give you cool shade and preserve the environment too. Also, preserve existing trees when ever possible. Too often mature trees are destroyed because they are in the way of some other activity.

Use a bicycle or walk to do errands or to commute to work rather than the car. You may also use public transport so that less pollution is caused. Moreover, what is better than walking to complete some chores that are nearby your house! It is great for your and the environment health. Facilitate bicycle riding by providing safe bike lanes, signaling and public support for such travelers.

Also you should carry your own bags to the store when you go to buy some goods. Prefer to use paper or cloth bags instead of the polythenes. Attempt to recycle and thrown away nearly nothing.

Use less air condition while an air conditioning does the magic during a heat wave, we also need to think that global warming wouldn’t even exist if we didn’t have such appliances that emit a high amount of chlorofluorocarbons.

Clean up local parks, streams, beaches, roads and plant bushes and flowers on the roadway islands. Also, use fewer pesticides on your backyard parks and gardens, to reduce the amount of area being mowed.

Install adequate sewage facilities to maintain the safety of private and public water supplies.

Train teachers so they can add environmental education programs that meet the needs of the next century. Children should be given practical classes by taking them to environmental NGOs, planting saplings watering them daily etc. these habits inculcated in the childhood, influence their behaviour towards the environment in the adulthood.

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