work is worship

Even while you consider work to be worship, always remember that there is a man behind the machine. He may fall ill, want to party or may have some household errands to run.

At the age or eight, Adi Sankaracharya decided it was time to become a Sanyaasi. His mother let him go only after he promised to return in her last moments. Even while he was writing commentaries on scriptures, debating with scholars, reestablishing Advaita and Shanmatas or setting up muths across India, he kept his promise.

As most warriors in the Mahabharata war were connected by blood or marriage, they could check on each others’ wellbeing at the action every evening.

Despite the fact that they were on opposite sides and even while Ravana had said many bad things to him and kicked him out, Vibheeshan’s eyes were full of tears when his mighty brother fell dead at the hands of Rama.

In 1576 at the Battle of Haldighati against Akbar’s forces, Rana Pratap was injured. Rana escaped from the battlefield and took refuge in a cave in the jungle along with his family. One day, a cat ran away with the chapatti that Rana’s son Amar Singh was having. When his sister gave Amar her share, she fainted due to hunger. Unable to bear this anymore, Rana decided to accept Akbar as suzerain.

Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi carried her son on her back during the First War of India Independence in 1857.

When she came to know about her so Ramana Maharishi’s whereabouts, Alagammal came to his ashram at the Virupaksha cave in Tiruvannamalai. As she began cooking for everybody, she needed a metal ladle. In a few days, a devotee offered a few ladles to the Maharishi.

Thought they themselves were content laeding a simple life, Sudama and Drona went and sought their childhood buddies’ help for the sake of their respective families. While Krishna helped Sudama, Drupad insulted Dona.

On November 15, 1915, in Japan, Rash Behari Bose, along with Lala Lajpat Rai, Spoke against British atrocities. As a result, Britain made Japan issue extradition warrants against them. Lalaji fled to America and Bose went into hiding to Japan. Bose got married in 1918 to Toshiko Soma, but till he got Japanses citizenship in 1923, the couple had to change many houses to avoid the police.

After attaining Buddhahood, Siddhartha returned to his wife Yashodhara and son Rahul, whom he had left years ago without saying goodbye.

Even while Vinayak Damodar Savarkar was among the few Indians in London to support Madanlal Dhingra,s killing of Sir Curzon Wyllie, he didn,t approve of his students mocking Lady Curzon’s wailing at the funeral.

Boss, (take) leave and let leave.

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