The Vasstu connect

What most home owners at bars at home fail to realize is the fact that keeping alcoholic drinks in the house can have a direct influence on the lives of the inhabitants. While the purpose of alcoholic beverages is to unwind, relax and kill anxiety, if placed in certain directions in the house these may have the opposite effect on occupants. We all know that everything in the universe is a composition of five basic elements. According to Vaastu these five elements have their respective positions in different directions. Hence, everything that we keep in the house should be in sync with the five elements as it maintains the balance of energy that each of the directions emanates. For instance, the storage of water should be done at the place designated for water elements. Likewise, the functions, shape, colors etc, of each object determine what location is best for it in the house. When kept in the wrong direction, objects programmed the subconscious mind of the individuals living in that house which creates unwanted situations in their life.

As far as alcoholic beverages are concerned, the south zone is recommended for making a bar. The bar in this area synchronizes with the zonal energies in the home and facilities peace of mind.

A bar in the west-north-west zone can help in detoxification of mind and in releasing blocked emotions and stress. The north-west zone, too, is good for a bar as it yields the desired results expected from meetings over drinks hosted at a bar in this zone. However, if you already have a bar at home and it does not fall in any of the zones or directions discussed above; it is likely that you have been facing some ill effects on this account.

There are just a handful of locations that are considered to be good for having a bar at home, while most of the others are considered to be within the restricted zones where locating a bar may create an imbalance resulting in the emanation of negative forces. The results can be detrimental in different degrees a person can end up as an alcoholic; one’s decision making ability might get severely hampered, and so on. For example, if the bar is created in the east-north-east, then you find comfort and happiness only in drinking with all other recreational activities appearing to be meaningless. Likewise a bar in the east can hamper your social relationships, and if it is in south-east, it may have you lose money.


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