This is a Japanese proverb which means if you have failed many times, you should not lose you confidence but start your work more happily and totally committed. If you lose your confidence then you couldn’t be succeed. You should be persistent IE you should continuously act upon the work you are doing. The day will come when you will get the reused of our total commitment.
The first at which you fail, it gives you the objects that are present in yourself. So you should have positive outlook to overcome your defect. If you failed next time, this also shows that there are still. Certain defects that is present within you that is stopping you to reach at your goals so to reach at your  aim you should again stand up with feel-flashed confidence and fight with the situation to reach at the goal.
To reach at your goal, you should plan what should you do the next day and other days. The planning will help you to do your work on eight times and keeps your tension free and also helps to reduce your wastage of time, that we always do in day life.
Every person should be initiative l e he should be able to start the any activity that he wants to do. For a student initiative is must if he/she wants to stand up first in class. This is similarly like a business which starts only if it has be initiated.
Do not get hesitate, when you faced with 100 of  problems at a time. If you think silently for 30 minutes, you will surely able to get the solution of that problem.
Always belief in yourself that you can do bets than others. This will led to improve yourself and motivate you to move ahead from others. Le you should stand up every times when you fall.this will enlightened your future.

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