Here we all are, in the wake of T tsunami disaster. A disaster so massive in its scale that it has effected the entire world. Even through the earthquake was restricted to certain areas, in a sense; the whole globe seems to have wakened up.
It took a disaster this big to bring the world together. People from all countries are joining hands to offer help to the victims. There are conferences, donations, relief funds & other forms of aid being put together across the world.
Take for example, London, a city so far removed from the direct impact of Tsunami waves; every grocery store, clothing shop, supermarket, is actively involved in getting funds for the victims. There are donation everywhere, on every counter. Volunteers on streets are encouraging people to donate. Big corporations are urging their employees to give. And colleges are rallying support from students of all nationalities.
And the truth is, that these effects are taking place everywhere, in every country. People are joining hands 4 coming together. There are offering help 4 donating. This is a powerful movement. One that puts faith back in hunam spirit of love and caring. While this might sound perhaps too optimistic, the wonderful thing that it is actually happening all around us. Whether you read the newspaper or watch the news on television, you can see that people have opened up their hearts 4are contributing in ways that they can.
There is a question here through. Does it take something so catastrophic to bring about world understanding 4caring ? Does something terrible have to happen for goodness of human spirit to emerge? Perhaps it does. Perhaps the human race does need to see suffering & pain for the softer side of surface.
May in our day to day dealings we have forgotten that we can ask for help & also give help. At some level, we as individuals have hardened ourselves to the outside events that take place around us. In an attempt to remain “unaffected” and “safe” we have also shut our doors and windows to the very basic things that being human privileges us with: the ability to feel. To feel emotions, to care, to help, to get help and to understand.

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