All of us have the story of an old farmer a father of four sons who asks each of his four sons to get a stick. One stick is broken easily but not the bundle of the same seemingly easily breakable thin and week stick. The reason seems to be too obvious to all of us- it is difficult rather impossible to break the sticks when tied together. Yet we miss out on the crux that is, it is their togetherness which helps them in resisting the vigorous power in spite of their individual weaknesses. We all have heard that unity is strength but perhaps forgotten it. A nation’s prosperity lies in its unity,unity is strength and a nation’s strength cannot be subjective that is in accordance to anyone or a particular section of the community only.
India or bharat stands for unity diversity since the country is associated with the geographical topical, social, cultural, linguistic, political, and economic diversities; and yet tied into the single thread of togetherness that is of being a nation. We Indianans claim for “unity in diversity”, and have probably and plausibly the best resources  in the world to depict our presence on the world map. Still, we  are the Developing  Nation  and honestly speaking on this pace would need another hundred years or even more than that to become a developed Nation and stand with the big giants of today. Why? Where is the lacuna?
We do not need to look around us but within us. We do not need to blame others but rather show a mirror to ourselver for where is that unity. Where is strength of mind and spirit? We find that the materialism, selfishness, averis and corruption are everywhere. Without actually realizing, we have  been going through a horrendous process of com modification and dehumanization of every human being and his/ her each and every feeling and emotion. The whole county seems to be plagued with evils of crime, corruption ,forgery,deceit , averse, selfish aspiration, wicked manipulation, oppression and most ashamedly, the politicization and sensationalistic of everything at every step and in all the spheres of our lives. There has been a constant and continuous oppression and suppression of those at the lower steps in the social, economic and bureaucratically hierarchy for so many years. The benefits never filter down till the grass root level and  ironically enough  are accompanied by the coherent draining of health, wealth, peace, happiness and prosperity from these oppressed sections of our society and largely our country. In today’s India, the poor are struggling for there very servile on this earth; the rich as always are the capitalists and are making more and more money every day; and the ambitious middle class is busy in fulfilling its own fabulous, fantastic and fascinating dreams and aspirations. So, we need a remedy to cure our country, to cure our society and to cure ourselves. In 1920 , if Mahatma Gandhi could start a non cooperation Movement [Asehyog Andolan], which  proved to be a great set back to the oppressive and exploitative British Rule, why can’t we- the today’s youth [the so called elites and the educated section] start the much needed cooperation movement [sehyog andolan] in order to secure the unconditional and coordinated support and cooperation motivated solely by the feeling of patriotism with an urge to uplift our Nation. First of all, we need to initiate a spark of awareness and sensibility along with the sense of responsibility, of being an Indian to our Nation among the each and every citizen of India irrespective. Of his/ her social, economic or political standing. All our endeavors and efforts should be directed towards eliminating the suppression, oppression , exploitation, subjugation and discrimination at all the levels of the hierarchy and from all the corners of the social, economical and political structure. Each one of us has to stand up and fight against the ghosts of crime and correuption. We have to take the onus upon us to spread the light of awareness amongst each and every indian citizen through the different social and cultural strata. The need of the hour is such that we cannot afford to be lethargic any longer. All of us plan to attain a suitable job, marry a compatible  companion, earn sufficient amount of money to buy a house of one’s own.and after fulfilling these plans, one day we lean back into our comfortable chair reading the newspaper and making the acquisition that the politicians have ruined our country. But is that relay so? Who consents the politicians to ruin the country ? we and only we can create the general awareness, conscience, readiness and willingness amongst the politicians to come back to the main and significant issues of eradication of problems of unemployment, poverty  and noneducational or illiteracy. Such awareness would give way to a revolutionary spirit conveying the massage that we no longer want and allow the votes to be swept away  on the issues of babri mosque, gondra kaand, Hindu asmita, caste and even on the basis of religion for that matter. The the India democracy can no longer be mocked by few selfish, Indolent and corrupt people. We need to assert that our future, our fortune is in our hands and only we can construct it and that too in the way we may  want to do so the day we achieve  this goal of creating such a conscientious awareness, we may look for ward to better, disease free and prosperous India. Such a stage would be a milestone for India in becoming a Developed Nation. But what not to forget is that the crux lies in the essence of the unconditional and selfless support, help, cooperation and coordination, from and for all the Indians, to attain the sense of harmony and unity through the country erasing all hindering diversities. Thus the onus is not upon anyone else, or a great leader or any social worker, or any politician, but upon us first to create a consensus upon the need of creating awareness and then procuring the desired goals. Remember, that the soldiers appointed on the borders of the country sacrifice their every comfort and finally their lives for the country. They fight against the external enemies but the internal enemies to the countries are yet to be fought. We the citizens of India the civilians have to act like the soldiers to fight against the existing corruption and violence and restrict there further intrusion into our country, region, state, city, society, and finally into our minds and hearts. Then only we will be able to prove the  great prophet swami Vivekananda saying that with its moral and spiritual strength, India can demonstrate its presence on the pinnacle with all its glory and grandeur.

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