A Feeling of pride before the Culture OF INDIA

 This is an Endeavour to present before you thoughts of my trip of Amritsar. I am just dropping the extracts of my memory and expertise that of gain from the visit of enchanting golden city of Amritsar. Really it is a matter of great pride and honor for Punjab as well as the nation that they possess such splendid abode of emotionally, brotherhood and loyal spirit within their area.From the early childhood I had always heard about the elegance and glory of golden temple. I had read many times about the incident of Jalianwala Bagh .but I never thought its viability.

It was my look that I got a seat in Punjab which gave me a change to check out my dreams.  A change to check out my dreams.

On 24 Feb. along with Kashev and Kuldeep Singh landed in the Harmandir Sahib and had a look of the visage of the golden temple. It was just as wandering in another world. For an instant. Oh my god what a landscape? Whether it was live or I was in fantasy. I can’t’ explain in words and phrases.

A shining castle of gold standing still in the middle of the sea. And a passage, a way through the water to that divine abode. Around the holy borders of water there are gurudwaras bathing the sacred gurbani all around. After entering the golden temple. I was spell bounded, the walls, the roots all were painted and texts were written in gold. In the upstairs there was kept the original holy gurugranth sahib. We all bowed before that. The view all rounded form the roof of the temple was wonderful. Not only this, the arrangement for lodging and boarding in the temple complicated was world class. Every visitor was maintaining cleanliness at his own will. Every need of the pilgrim was given full worry. There was 24 km hour longer or free kitchen for the pilgrims. The Roti making machine is the only technology in India of its kind. No doubt it was worth visiting and an unerasable feeling in the mind and soul forever.

Research research then at a short walk from the main gate of temple there in Jalianwala Bagh Commemorative. There are many other temples like Durgiana Mandir (built on the same pattern of golden temple), Vaishno Devi Temple.

Amritsar is also the place of international boundary wagah border is at a distance of 30 km. I was feeling a great sense of pleasure that I belong to the state of great historically rich culture, strict temple and also the amazing ‘Golden’ Temple s

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