Parents As Buddies

The word ‘buddies‘ always delivers a smile on our face. Have we ever thought who a friend is? Is it someone very close to your soul or someone on whom you can rely on in any given scenario? I’m guaranteed most of us would want a friend on whom we can believe in. It is not always necessary that our friend has to be of our own age team or from our college or school. Even parents are very good friends. You might think that how can our parents be our best friend. The answer to this question is very simple. In the today’s vicious world, the only person to love you without any situation is your parents. They take care of you, educate you, and look after you and what not. They know what is best for you, they understand you very well and you can trust them thoughtlessly. Parents have much more excellent than any of your friends would possess. However, we get irked by their scolding, their intervention in our life and thus forgetting all the good aspects.
Take a case where you have a fiancé known to you for several years, and he ditches you. You are morally very down and keep thinking it as the end of the world for you. Have a heart to heart conversation with your parents about your problem. You will recognize that your parent’s advice works wonder for you, and no longer you feel dull and frustrated. The sole reason for this is that they would give you an ideal guidance, and their love makes you feel better. It is not the only example that I can site. There are numerous examples. The sole reason I chose this was because most of us at some point of life would have been scammed, betrayed or left alone by someone whom we loved. They might not be your lover or fiancé but they can be your friends or someone who you reliable.
By making your parents your friend you not only give they pleasure, but you are also sure that you have a friend whom you can trust blindly for the rest of your life. Life is much unforeseen, the only thing most likely which can be said with assurance is that parents love is unconditional, and it is a gem which needs to be preserved lifelong. So take one step ahead and talk your heart out to your parents and then see life will become a paradise, and you will start enjoying it even more.

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