A desired investment choice

Different people buy homes for different reasons. While most of them buy for the sole objective of living in their dream abode, others use these as an investment tool and some even use the edges inherent in real estate dealings as their daily income.

There are many aspects one needs to consider when buying a house, whether to live in or as an investment chance.
Tricity and its vicinity has numerous upcoming personal projects which have, in fact gone beyond a being mere well organized housing complex to meet day to day needs of the people dwelling to getting a fully-functional mini city. Over 20 tasks have been launched in the area over the past few months and all this has changed the façade of areas like zirakpur, mullanpur, mohali and kharar adding to their growth and development.

While builders are competitive with each other to provide special and competitive destinations and amenities, including condominiums, builder floors and flats with modern features, buyer preferences still exist. The most important concern for a home buyer is “location”. Location in actual sense just boils down to one thing and that is ‘neighborhood’. Our needs to apply a community litmus test while deciding about buying a home. Things to be regarded include habitation or in other words the local occupancy of that particular area. Other things to be considered are schools, nearby growth, development, and comfort. Highly populated areas are ideal for selecting any housing project to live in; it gives the buyer or the end user, a sense of security as families currently living in such places testify for the builder or the project. In coming times, high densities and multi-family dwellings are preferred despite the trendy push for livability, new urbanism, designs, hi-tech features etc.

Incorporated townships offer good choices to people looking for high-density dwellings. There are many benefits associated with better occupied areas as compared to the stand alone houses in sectors. Townships promote group living and offer many facilities such as swimming pools, gymnasium and tennis courts. Besides, one doesn’t need to worry about its repair and servicing.

Some reasons why ‘hi-density’ areas are becoming well-known housing trend among all income groups:

Figures show that higher-density growth can increase property values. Changes in property values can have real repercussions for the existing property owners. Likewise, homeowners would benefit from knowing that developers make a significant financial commitment when they invest in new higher-density projects. This investment is an incentive to make the project effective, which can give the community leverage in working with the developer.

Higher solidity developments generate less traffic in the surrounding areas and make walking and public transit more possible and create opportunities of shared parking. The reason being that higher-density developments make for more walk able neighborhoods and bring together the concentration of inhabitants required to support public transportation.

The crime rate at high density developments is lower density areas. Higher-density developments can actually help decrease crime by increasing pedestrian action and fostering a 24-hour community that puts more “eyes on the street” at all times. Many residents say they close higher-density housing particularly because they felt more secure there.

High developments are cleaner and more environments friendly. These offer the best solution to handling growth and protecting clean air and clean water. Placing new development into already urbanized areas puts extra burden on the existing infrastructure and eco system. Higher-density communities are vital to protecting a healthy environment and fostering healthy life style.

Eye-catching, well-designed and well-maintained higher-density development attracts good residents and tenants and fits into current communities.

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