Deal with Your Fears!

What are you scared of? The issue my surprise you, but if you appear more carefully, you will absolutely discover that fear is at the root of anything is holding you back. The truth is that fear is at the root of a lot of the adverse emotions that we face. It has been said that almost everything that we do is possibly out of fear or love- perhaps even fear of not being loved, well known, or popular. If you feel angry, it could be that you are scared you won’t get your way because somebody has crossed a border. If you are experiencing lonely, it could be worry that you won’t be liked. If you are experiencing stress, it could be fear that you are not in control. If you are experiencing guilt, maybe you are scared of being “found out.” Hype is fear of not having sufficient. Be jealous of is fear of not getting what you want or dropping what you have.

Naturally, everybody wants to feel a sense of belonging, a sensation of value, and a sense of competence. So what are the effects of fear? Worry is a thief. It is a self confidence stealer. It separates your mind and makes you unsure of on your own. It robs you of your capability to act effectively-ultimately paralyzing you into inaction. It undermines your self esteem. It causes panic-which is fear that has run muck. It affects your health. It enslaves you with doubt. It ruins relationships. It steals your peace, joy, and satisfaction. It fuels delay. Procrastination is fear of not doing it right, not being ideal, discouraging others. Or on the flip side, procrastination can be fear of success and increased anticipations which can lead to fear of disappointing others. It’s a nasty cycle, isn’t it? Finally, fear prevents your personal growth and robs you of your prospective to master your life!

So, how do you get over your fears?

1. Recognize them.
The best guidance I ever observed about fear was from Joyce Meyer: Do it afraid. Everybody has fears, so don’t deny them. Rather, acknowledge and recognize them. Then do it in any case!

2. Recognize the true cause.
Ask on your own what is really resulting in your fear. Is it genuine or irrational? Is more planning needed, or are you searching for an excuse to back out? Keep in mind; you don’t have to be excellent, just ready.

3. Refocus to God.
Now it is time to refocus your ideas and efforts to that caused you to pursue this organization in the first place. You have been given motivation and developed for a reason. Now it is up to you to finish the work that has been began in you.

4. Get assistance.
If you need encouragement, seek the company of your greatest supporters. Surround yourself with people who understand your essence and want the best for you. The people in your corner now will be the ones to help you celebrate your successes.

The good news is that fear can be perfected. The only place that fear exists is in your mind! Once you learn to control your mind, you will be able recognize when you are enabling fear to limit your improvement. Then you can start replying to fear in a new way. By experiencing your fears, you will get over challenges that can lead you to expert and increase your life.

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