Top 5 Best Football Players of All Time

best soccer player1. Diego Maradona – Argentina

Maradona’s skills were without having a doubt the best ever seen in football. His dribbling skill was mesmerizing, his goal scoring was exclusive and clinical, and his passing and crossing were highly accurate – earning him many assists in his career. From attacking midfield he scored 345 goals in 680 games. With a much more challenging career than Pele, he still won the 1986 World Cup with Argentina as well as 3 league titles, and 1 UEFA Cup with Napoli. Against England he scored one of the greatest goals of all time.






2. Johann Cruyff – Netherlandsbest soccer players

Cruyff had the expertise, control and energy of Zidane and the dribbling and pace of George Best. He was the total footballer, combining a sublime gracefulness with clinical ability and determining intelligence. He was a prolific goals corer as well, scoring 401 goals in 710 performances from targeting midfield. He won 3 European Cups and 10 league game titles, but wasn’t able to gain a worldwide medal.







best soccer player3. Zico – Brazil

Often eliminated from top 10 lists due to his lack of success, Zico’s footballing capability was never in question. With 527 goals in 769 games he was a respected goals corer, but also an amazing creator of goals with a deft touch and a capability to produce unique shots and skills. As a targeting midfielder, he additional combined his talents with heading ability and free-kick expertise to be one of the most finish unpleasant players ever. He made the famed Liverpool side of the 1980′s look like beginners in the 1981 Intercontinental Cup. He also won the South American equivalent of the European Cup, the Copa Liberators, and 4 league game titles.






4. Pele – Brazilthe best soccer player

Peel was the greatest goal scoring unit in his native Brazil, and is usually ranked the best player ever to elegance the sport. He scored an amazing 1282 goals in 1366 games. His actual power, strength, pace and dribbling capability saw him score all varieties of goal for fun. He introduced his goal scoring to the World Cup, which saw Brazil win the tournament in 1958, 1962 and 1970. He also won 2 Copal Liberators and 5 category titles. These victories saw him within teams of extremely talented players such as Grenache and Carlos Alberto. He turned to be a symbol for these teams, and as a result he is often accredited with all of the reward.




the best soccer player5. Michel Platini – France

Platini was an approaching midfielder, scoring 353 goals in 652 games. He was an outstanding passer and free kick taker, but he mixed this with ruthless goal score capability. Nearly single-handedly he guided France to the 1984 European Tournament, scoring 9 goals in the procedure. He lifted the European Cup with Juventus, and also won 3 league titles in his club career.

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