Why Soccer players Earn Plenty of Money?

income of soccer playerFootball or soccer has been all over for many years. It began as a game for enjoyment, but for some reason it has evolved into a market, where expert football clubs make money from competitive against each other on several levels, by sponsorship and also TV rights.
As a team sport, a soccer team requires eleven players enjoying during a game. There are too many soccer players on Earth, for which can be categorized from beginners, semi-pros, pros, and the maximum level of all, top class players. What set these top class players aside from the rest of the players?
If you can run and kick a soccer ball, then you can join a game of soccer. But do you know that a top class player can get paid out up to £100,000 on an every week basis? That is more than my father’s annual salary working a government doctor here in Australia! How can an individual lands that amount of money just by operating around kicking soccer, week in and week out?
It is easy. Let us see it this way. A soccer club is organization, and a soccer player is the worker. What the employer wants is a worker who can drive the company to achievements that is by winning league titles, or by successful just any prestigous contests on the offer, such as the Uefa Champions League. By utilizing great players, they will increase the club’s chance of winning titles and the club will not only gain glory, but also gold! Paying over £100,000 per week to a top class player like Steven Gerrard of Liverpool is like making an investment the money so that the club can compete for the Barclays Premier League title. Manchester City paid handsome wages to their players, in a bid to enter European competitors.
So who are the best paid footballers? It is Leo Messi of Barcelona. He is only 22, younger than I am, but last year alone he handled to rake €33m! Well, he should get that kind of money. He maybe young, but he is already a football icon. The young Argentine is a wonder in soccer, which possesses awesome skills, pacy and innovative in his play. Barcelona pays him handsomely because of his talents, so that the team can win the league and gain more income in return.

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