Reason of the happiness of your children

Reason of the happiness of your childrenChildren are the most simple human being. Their soft and pure content nature allows them to express their true feelings.They simply are not worried about what people think of them, and they do not mind how long you have with patience waited while they play. The sense that they see you around for them is enough to make them feel loved and valued.One of the benefits of the very young is that no facts get in the way of their creativity. This makes it a reason why children, specifically small ones, become the center of happiness for the whole family.A child’s overall nature is a true joy to parents and grand parents. Children have the power to cheer up moods and brighten up a dull moment. This is an ability so natural in them that helps bring out your most genuine smile. They can even pacify the angriest face and most of all, their smiles are flowers that make things beautiful.

When Children Are Happy

The innocent wisdom of happy children is worth pursuing. This is a lot different to us adults because we get caught up in the “wisdom of the world” which teaches us we are something that we are not.

The more you allow your kids to stay connected to the healthiest actions for their age, joining a playgroup, hitting the play area and social with other kids, the more likely they develop good personality and humor.

“Go to your own happy place,” says James Fowler, Ph.D., an associate professor at the University of California. This doesn’t mean forcing children to like everything around them. It means doing something that you know will push your bliss buttons. There’s nothing like a chocolate-smeared smile on a little kid’s face to instantly perk you up, he said.

Creating a more relaxing and caring world continues to be the most significant challenge of humankind, and children are the source of this beauty. Children bring up a good point for us to be happy. I can’t imagine that a childless 80 year old living in a pension homes happier than that same 80 year old with loving children and grandchildren… and that is an important stage of life.

It’s a wonder, then, why people would want to have more than one child! If you think that happiness can’t be a major consideration in having children… well, you have your own points of view.

Regardless of how we describe happiness and contentment in children, it all depends on the development of certain inner qualities, trust, respect, joy, self-esteem and security that promotes a sense of playful passion in the child, we are the source of this aspiration.

Are Your Children Happy?

Every child has good and bad days. There are kids who just grin after falling out of their bikes, and there are also those who lie on the floor, kick and scream when they don’t get the ice-cream flavor they want. Are kids just born that way?

It is a hard lesson for a child to learn that he cannot always have his own way. When you are always there to support your child no matter where he lands on the variety, your reward will be a contented, happy child.

Think of the smile that appears on your child’s face when he enjoys running, jumping and climbing trees. Those are the moments and feelings that you want to preserve. The joy in the child is something deeper inside as happiness learned through you.

Are you ready to be moved, inspired and revived?

The Secret of Happy Children Is YOU

Happy children have a general feeling that life is going well. They are positive and good, and feels as if they are completely connected to those around them. That’s not to say that they don’t feel sad at times. But, in common, life feels good.

Pleasure is a big thing you’ll want for your child. It’s not just based on research, but there is truth that if a child’s parents (that’s you!) are happy, if her siblings are playful, if her community buddies are companionable — well, she’s more likely to be bright and breezy, too.

You would love to know ways to spend great time with your little darlings. You might never know, the simplest hello, hug, smile, kiss and even making funny face are only what it takes to make children happiest.

I don’t have children (well… I forgot to get married! LOL!)…. but looking at my nieces and nephews with the capability to enjoy what they have, rather than always wanting what they don’t have, it’s a great advantage how they have become the children their parents wanted them to be.

Those kids were not raised with the things that we believe but with all sorts of habits that will help them one day — the habits of sharing, or serving, being grateful, being well-mannered, and of being Christians. It’s a thankful feeling that at times when things go wrong, they still try to be good and it is still within us to be good. GOD is GOOD!

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