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Young Indian writer Tushin Sinha sits before his laptop, narrowing his eyes in spell of focus as he reads an update on how to give his newborn son his first massage. The weekly new later he subscribes to arrives in his inbox from Babyventer.com an online resource for new and expecting parents.

The detailed information he received during his wife pregnancy tuned te 34-year-old in to a quasi-gynaecologist. “Now, its time to graduate into pediatrician,” he laughs parenting site have been huge help. How many times should I feel him is his weight alright  for any new question I have I run a Google search.

Sinha, married to Ramyani Dasgupta has been busy the last few weeks attending to the new arrival while she is clocking in hours at a Mumbai collage where she is lecture. And this hands on dad has decided to rely on more than just instinct. Leafing thought books before his son was born Sinha now falls back on blogs and sites like indianparenting.com that share tips on coping with a newborn’s impossible sleep patterns.

The trendy prototype: Suddenly the hand on dad is the type to be with new dad celebrities like actors Abhishek Bachchan and Orlando Bloom claming membership to the club. While the urban Indian father who finance tackling challenging infant-cores is not new. What is different is his approach he is now going about his mission after arming himself with credible research.

Hindi film director and producers married actress and TV host Mandira bedi for 15 year recently tuned dad at 40. in the last 11 months Kaushal says he has done everything for son Vir other than best feed. A slow eater Vir takes over an hour to down a single meal and kaushal sits around patiently with a plate and spoon Mandira spends most Tuesday shooting that’s when I am totally  in charge of Vir says kaushal another fan of  Babycenter.com the weekly updates work like a ready for the father although he says time challenges teach you more than a website can when Vir was just six months old we traveled with him to US. No book can tell you how to you to handle an infant on a 20-hour flight its up to you to interpret the information you have gathered he says.

No less than winning a war: a 41-year old father sitting in Britain would express solidarity with kauchal neil Sinclair stay at home dad to Samuel jude and liberty worked as an army commando even clearing in Iarq, but nothing prepared him for waking up to a howling two-month old baby at three in the morning there where thousand books for new months to read nothing for dad Whose PR executive wife play the role a breadwinner in the army you have to have a plan with a baby I had none.

So Sinclair decided to give new dads the equivalent of a soldier basic survival manual one that carries essential life saving skills. Commando dad, his just launched book uses a tongue in cheek military tone to deliver information in crisp bullet points that makes it effective even if you flip it open for reference at mid night in Sinclair world bringing up kids is a mission you are a commando and your new born is a baby troop-rt. A chapter titled preparing base camp refers to arranging the baby’s room. While welcome to the thunder box tackles potty training.

Dads are hungry for information: launched on May 8 commando dad has a website with a forum and blog to days after going on sale in the UK the book was sold out and had to go into reprint its sales are expected to rise around June when the world celebrates Father’s Day just yesterday the website saw 1,750 visitor they come from everywhere the UK,US,Middle East India and Australia Says Sinclair.

Mumbai based Naveen Bachwani juggles three blogs two kids and the post of Vice President Business Solution a a financial services firm. The first dad blogger to be featured on Mom’s Diaries an Indian online resource for new mothers, he kicked off his first blog Being Dad in 2005 after the birth of his son and daughter the blog posts eventually tuned into a book, and eight years in the business have taught.

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